Sicily Travel Medieval City of Astronomical

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Sicily Travel Medieval City of Astronomical

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Lampedusa Island


To Sicily Island


11 times the size of Jeju Island



Than you think


City palermo

I feel southern Spain


Seen as the origin of pasta


4 kinds of pasta

Tasting menu

One sheep

A bowl of Korea

I'm sleepy and tired

I can't end

1 hour by train



Movie Cinema Heaven


I'll see you before we go.

The movie I downloaded

I never saw it

Croatian Dubrovnik

In an excuse to be similar

Get up and get off

Palermo soccer team

The party and tigger

One uniform

Door closed non-season stadium

I still take pictures

Party and tigger


Brewery Beer

Injection date and expiration date


Veal Internal Burger

Lung and liver in Sundae

It's very similar

Was soft and trough


Sicilian Food

Maybe italy

Michelin couldn't find it.


Memorable than food

White wine


Rented a car

First manual driving

In six European countries

I trained

Now somewhere

Do well

Of course until

Two tea hammocks

Long live Hertz Supercover


Greek ruins

Much remains

Detergent star

Castellammare del golfo

On the way

ZTL John stepped on

Luckily this neighborhood

I do not do it on weekdays

Do not know

After a few months,

I will remember the memories

Here it is?

Jeju Island Yongmaemae

Or Daepyeongri Ndr

Macari beach

(Cala della Bruca)

From the souvenir shop postcard

The scenery is pretty


A place where you've come


Pastel colored

With sea color

san vito lo capo

City of heaven



Who is going in here?

Let's go to the bathroom

In response to a guest act

Pizza in the tourist restaurant

It was surprisingly delicious

Winery and

Because of Fabianna Island

Two nights



Than famous winery

Village wine shop grandma

It eats tourists

This is really Marsala wine

Picked wine and

Restaurant staff

Breaking a new bottle

Wine tasting

It was more delicious

I was curious about Marsala wine

I fell in love with Portugal

It was a little different from port wine

Find a ship company site in advance

I knew the ship time

In the hostel

Last year's pamphlet missed the ship

Thanks to

Instead of Fabiknana Island

For the first time this trip

On unplanned days


Late lunch

Stroll around town

Air conditioning is the best

Looking at entertainment

This is it

Jeju Life in Italy


Very comfortable and good charging

Now Sicily

Towards the latter cities

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