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RE: The Abbey of Jumièges

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When I saw 'abbey' in the tittle of your post I thought to myself! YEAH!! :D I love all things monks, religions ... well, you know that by now @leaky20! Many things came to mind while reading you post. When you talked about the self-sufficient community of monks I thought of The name of the rose. The book, not the (bad) movie! Although that was in Italy not in France. Still ...

The structures are beautiful and I'm always impressed by how well preserved the French ruins' surroundings are in comparison with that of Portugal's. The gardens here, in general, are never that lavish! Not even in the buildings which are still up and running (of course there are exceptions to this rule).

The journey there seems wonderful! And, the building by the gigantic chess board is so cute :) Great pictures as usual, thanks for posting the one of the statues. Quite intriguing.

And, yeah ... I know how that feels like. My husband is also the funny one !!

You guys take care :)
Bye for now.


Yeah the churches, Abbey's and religious stuff in general tends to have a lot of history, grandeur and beauty. Its usually quite interesting. Not just in France but pretty much anywhere. I've seen some other neat churches as well. I'll get around to posting about them at point I'm sure lol. I've never heard of that book but It sounds like it could be interesting.

Thanks for the comment and nice words as always :)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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