Travel Digest #844


Hi everyone, it's @lizanomadsoul here with the sunday edition of the #traveldigest.

Another day of great places and stories around the globe to read about! This time we have great stories from Venezuela, the US, Australia, Laos, China, Slovakia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Italy, Sri Lanka and Croatia - So a little bit of everything! Enjoy

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Our winners today 🍍

🥇 La Llovizna Park: waterfalls, river and jungle in the middle of the city by @sofathana

My first time in the Bolívar state, the largest in Venezuela with 242,801 square km, was to visit an uncle who was living there at the time. I took advantage of a few days off that I had at work to travel and get to know a little of this great and rich region.La Llovizna is a natural space converted into an urban park with an area of 200 hectares. As soon as you arrive you feel the freshness because it has many trees, a lot of vegetation and as you walk through its wooded areas you discover the beautiful waterfalls and see wildlife like the monkeys that live free there.

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🥈 The Moonlight Forest at The LA Arboretum by @nuthman

Wow! What an incredible night.We did not expect the experience that we encountered when we bought tickets to see the Moonlight Forest exhibit at the LA Arboretum last Christmas. We got a glimpse of some light displays and thought, Oh! That looks cool. We really had no idea at just how big this event was. There were so many people waiting in line! Man, was this event impressive! When we arrived, I thought perhaps there were a few things to look at and we'd be done. It just goes on and on. All I kept thinking about was just how much work must have gone into putting all of this together.

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🥉 Finally our top 3 favorite places in Australia by @katrin-lux

In this post I would like to show you my top three places in Australia - which I would like to see again in the future and where I had the best experiences. For me they are a "must", if you are ever in Australia. But surely it is very individual and some people like big cities better where you can party well. On the other hand, I liked more abandoned places, which had a lot of nature and exotic animals in freedom to offer. So here are my top 3 places - be curious ;)

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Honorable Mentions

  • WALK: Through The Garden of Eden, Pak Xeng, Laos by @jeremiahcustis
  • Stay in the ancient time, Huangyao , China by @gillianlien
  • Hiking to peak Východná Vysoká 2429 meters above sea level, Visoke Tatry, Slovakia by @photoparadise
  • Trip to Portugal - Idanha a Nova, Cabeco Monteiro, Portugal by @portugalcoin
  • A walk through the Petrovka and Kamenný rybník nature reserves, Bolevec, Czech Republic by @jjprac
  • Mount Cusna, Gova, Italy by @blumela
  • ON THE COUNTRY LANE, Sisan, Croatia by @borjan
  • Find the Battalu Oya waterfall hidden in the Siripa forest reserve, Sri Padaya, Sri Lanka by @madushanka

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