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We designed TravelChain in a manner so it becomes the core of the SmartTravel Ecosystem and a reliable tool for developers willing to create services that meet demands of contemporary leisure travelers.

TravelChain enables the accumulation of data concerning user engagement, regardless of the application being used, providing user identification with a single ID, as implemented in Google authorization.

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The value of TravelChain will develop with increased volumes of data, numbers of users and links between them. A so-called Network Effect will be initiated if the limiting number of users is reached, leading to explosive growth of the entire ecosystem.

Data in TravelChain (SmartData)

Using TravelChain-driven services, customers render information about themselves and their values, interests, and concerns. TravelChain enables users to choose personally how they utilize this information: what kind of application should be granted access to it and when and later receive a compensation.

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You do not need to trust centralized services when using TravelChain. Thanks to blockchain technology, users can be assured that their data is used the way it is specified in the code and the user agreement.

 Data might be stored in various ways:

 - openly
 - depersonalized
 - encrypted, granting a one-time password to access certain services with the consent of the user.

 Below is a list of some of the kinds of data that can be shared with all players in the market using TravelChain:

 - User profile
 - User interests
 - Social connections (friends, subscriptions)
 - Transaction history (purchases, bookings)
 - Travel history, based on geolocation and check-ins
 - Ratings and user properties (Traveler ID)
 - Information from public documents
 - Contact information (E-mail addresses, phone numbers)
 - History of likes and comments
 - Web search history
 - Favorites
 - User wish-lists
 - Profiles of hotels, apartments, service providers, guides
 - Ratings of service providers
 - Feedback on service providers
 - Latest information on prices and service availability
 - Latest and updated events
 - Late travel offers (excursions, tickets, accommodation)
 - Latest information on places of interest, restaurants, airports, with relevant ratings and feedback
 - Latest information on cities and countries
 - Latest information on visa and customs agencies
 - Life hacks
 - Photos and videos of cities and places of interest
 - Weather forecasts
 - Travel guides for cities and countries, with ratings and feedback
 - User travel routes

In the near future, all data used in the travel industry may be stored inside TravelChain. An ontology of decentralized leisure travel data has been developed in collaboration with researchers from Novosibirsk State University, to ensure all the information in a blockchain is stored safely.

If you want to take part in an ICO than visit TravelChain.io and leave your email on the main page! We will keep you updated.

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