Challenge - Stay home, share 3 travel photos (Day 10) Random trips.

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I have always liked to take advantage of every trip I make to enjoy the landscape that it gives me, on different occasions I have had to undertake business trips that I have been able to enjoy as if it were a pleasure trip, even a trip for a job interview is an occasion to enjoy the landscape, the same thing happened to me when I went to congresses or conferences while I was in college, many of these photographs, unfortunately, I lost them when they closed MySpace, I never bothered to save them, Or maybe I did but I no longer remember where they are!

Valencia - Carabobo State - Venezuela

Since I was studying at the university I wanted to work far away from my hometown, living so many years in that town already made me hate it (immaturity and its things, now I love my little town! ), and I always made an effort to get jobs far away from home, which made me have to travel to go to job interviews, I remember that this one for this day I would be interviewed to work in a very well known chain of department stores, I had to travel for about 3 hours to get to the interview and take advantage of spending the weekend at my best friend's house, that was one of the advantages of these trips. I was selected for the position, but when they told me about the professional fees I didn't accept hahaha, but I kept the memory of the trip and the adventure.

>center> La Guaira - Vargas State - Venezuela

In December 2012 I decided to return from the margarita island and go home, a strong depression invaded me and the truth was that I couldn't bear the idea of spending Christmas and New Year's far from my family and that new love I had found, so I decided to take a flight with no return, my then-partner went to pick me up at the airport but it was too late to start the trip to my village, it was at least a 5-hour drive, so we decided to stay in a hotel in front of the beach, from that day this is one of the few pictures I keep, the truth is that the sunsets on the beach are the most beautiful. That day we walked on this wave breaker and sat there talking for hours. No doubt it's a bad picture, that was the problem with the BlackBerrys, their cameras were not the best hahaha.

La Colonia Tovar - Aragua State - Venezuela

The truth is that unplanned trips are my thing hahaha, it was the advantage of being single, my friends would call me and just say "Tomorrow we leave for X place at X time! And I was there with my bag or my suitcase ready to start the trip, this day I remember that my friends called me at night and the destination was my favorite, La Colonia Tovar, we spent a weekend, tasting wines and chocolates from the area, the truth is that this is what I love about that little town, blackberry wine, and local chocolate, the chocolate from there is not industrialized but it is certainly delicious, one of my dreams is to have a house there and spend my old age in that remote village of cold weather.

I would like to invite you to join this challenge my dear @irenenavarroart, @quantumnachos, @pepiflowers, @willsaldeno, and @galberto, I am sure they have many things to share with us. Remember to use the tag #travelathome

Images of my property taken from my Facebook memory chest, without editing, because the best moments do not need editing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, if you have any questions, criticisms or suggestions, I would appreciate it if you would put them in the comment box, and remember, you can make magic in the kitchen too, and wherever you go!

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