Danang Fusion Maia Resort Candidate Reviews, Reasons for Affection

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Danang Fusion Maia Resort Candidate Review

Reason for affection




Hello, this is Eunah

Today, many people are worried when planning a free trip to Da Nang.

I brought the accommodation information.

This is Danang Fusion Maia Resort

Free spa service and breakfast delivery daily

It's a place that has a good reputation for its service

I'll introduce you in detail with photos :)



First room

I stayed in one bed pool villa

Living area with sofa and desk,

It is a villa with a bed and a toilet.

The pink pink color is pretty

If you take an authentication shot, you will also get a good photo



Bathroom sink

Shower booth, large bathtub, toilet

The space is so spacious that I used it comfortably.



In addition to shampoo, conditioner, conditioner and soap

Various amenities such as razor and cotton swab

It is prepared in a pouch


There is a private pool when you open the door.

The full size is not that big

It's enough for the two of you to play.

Want to swim in a large pool

You can go out to the main pool, so ^^

I ordered the floating tray and floated it

He took a million photos.



Now this is the main pool

Oh, it feels fresh!

The Southeast Asian resort is love.

I had a relaxing time on a sun bed under a palm tree.


Sideways lawns and palm trees

Beach bed facing the sea ~

It was all like a picture

It's hard to lie down when the sun is strong during the day

I was broke with you in the evening.

After having a baby, it's hard to just go

Your body is sore .. Just lying down is very happy hahaha




Let's talk about breakfast this time

Danang Fusion Maia Resort has a fun breakfast system

You can use the buffet like any other 5-star hotel,

You can order and eat breakfast at any place you want (reservation required the day before)

So if you want to eat a variety of foods, you can use the buffet,

If you want to have a more special experience, we recommend ordering the breakfast menu the day before.

I will deliver it on time!



I had a buffet on the first day and an order on the second and third days

First, a buffet photo ~~

There are so many types of food

Fresh spring rolls and various salads,

As well as yogurt, bread, fruits, Vietnamese food,

You can order rice noodles, rice, and egg dishes separately.



There is also a steak on the order menu

What kind of steak from morning ....

Child stew meat stew

I even made a bowl of rice noodles


And these are the menu items we ordered the next day

Breakfast room, beach, swimming pool, etc.

You can eat anywhere you want ~~

I ordered a bed by the lawn by the pool.


You brought me exactly the appointment time!




Pancake and Bangla Fruit Cheese Omelette

Coffee, milk, mango juice, yogurt


Just looking at it is a happy picture

Early Bird Discount, Bonus Night Promo, etc.

Various benefits are provided

Please read carefully and make a good trip

Then thank you for reading till the end.

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