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RE: 2018 Cost of Living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Food, Drinks, Airbnb, Coffee, Uber, and More!

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I doubt I'll ever visit PV, but I am extremely happy you wrote this post! The pictures are nothing short of stellar. Will you be doing breakdowns of other cities like this? I got a lot of value from this, even though I have no desire to go there. I didn't even know that Uber was running in Mexico. I drove here in Los Angeles for Uber/Lyft for 2 years and moved on to Postmates from there.

I'm all about disruptive technologies. More please!


Thanks for the compliment! You may have seen that we already did a cost of living post for Mazatlán, which we linked to near the bottom of this post. And we plan to write a cost of living post for every city that we spend enough time in. If we can get a good gauge of the cost of things there, we'll write a post about it.

If you read the Mazatlán post, you'll see that Ubers are even less expensive there. 75% of our Mazatlán Uber rides were $1.18 or $1.19, depending on the exchange rate.

So glad to hear you got some value out of it! We're hoping to do this type of write-up for every city we visit because, honestly, both of us would find the same info valuable if someone else wrote it for a place we hadn't been before.

You can always try to look up this information online, but it's not necessarily accurate. Would you like to see any other details in future posts? We've already gotten some feedback that we should include grocery store prices like perhaps a gallon of milk or produce.

As for Uber, it seems to be available in just about every city we've been to with a few exceptions (i.e. San Blas where we currently are.) Lyft hasn't made it yet, though! And everything is so walkable, we haven't even checked for something like Postmates. This morning, we noticed the Mexican version though... a restaurant owner bagging up some grub and delivering it on his bike! The OG Postmates ;)