Travel to Grapari Party (Telkomsel Service Center)

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Hello friends stemit it all, today I want to tell you that already two days ago I lost my mobile signal and I am very disturbed and restless with no mobile phone signal because I can not contact other people if there is an important need and I also went to a mobile repair shop to investigate the damage my mobile phone, but the mobile phone service told me "mobile phone is not damaged" but the broken card is Telkomsel and must be fixed in Grapari party (Telkomsel Service Center) and after the suggestion from the service handphone, I went directly to Lhokseumawe because there is a Grapari there and after I arrived at the destination I immediately go to take the queue number and wait for about an hour before my queue number was called.

There was a conversation between me and the Grapari party, the core problem about the loss of my card signal apparently Telkomsel card that I have been registered by others with the initials Mks. I keep asking for Mks data but the Grapari party did not give it for privacy reasons and I also understand it. Grapari Party said my card must be replaced with another card with the same number with the cost of Rp 25.000 and must sign a statement with stamp duty Rp 6.000 total Rp 32.000. After that i waiting for a few minutes new ready card for my phone and after that I check telkomsel signal already exists.

Grapari Party is serving its customers

Waiting room for customers who have problems with Telkomsel card

This is my experience going to Lhokseumawe at a Grapari building (Telkomsel Service Center).


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happy traveling dear

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