I really would love to go to Rome. We are hoping to go this year still!

You will love it! I will post about more places we visited, hopefully you will get some ideas as where to go. One cool thing for planning trips I really used all the time is Google Trips. That thing is amazing, it automatically loads your flight and hotel reservation from gmail so that you have everything in front of you including offline map and proposes many places you can visit.

If you have never used Airbnb use this link to register so that you get $31 travel credit and I will get $15

Few weeks ago a friend of mine came to visit and used Airbnb for accommodation, and she was very satisfied. So I thought, "I should sign up and try it someday".

Signed up few minutes ago with your invite link :-), got 25€ of credits (to be spent before a year if I spend more than 65€, just to be detailed)

Thank you for your detailed information and for signing up with the link, hope you enjoy traveling with airbnb. I traveled to Bali with Airbnb and was also very satisfied.

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