YourMatePays#5: June. How much did it cost?

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YourMatePays#5: June. How much did it cost?

Hello Steemians!

It’s been a while since I currently am home in Austria and as you can imagine, I am with people all the time around here. (:
The first month here was astonishingly cheap. I managed to get my insurance here paid by the state (thank you Austria <3) and needless to say I don’t spend any money for living (after the last 7 days in Malaysia + Thailand). Just for food, drinks, tickets or gifts at times.

'No, no! AUSTRIA, not Australia!' :D
Using the app MoneyControl I log all my spendings and provide you the detailed list of my expenses as a download.
You’ll also find some lines with ‘garage sales’ which refers to private stuff I sold which I no longer need.

SUM709,56 €
DAILY23,65 €/d

PS: A regular blog post is soon to come. :)
You find all my steemit travel posts right here:

All the best,
yourmate :)

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Let‘s steem on...! I‘m missing the community a lot!