Exploring the Sahara - 2 Original Gazelle skull drawings

in travel •  6 months ago

Hey beautiful people,
@sature and me are staying with wonderful people in the desert Sahara. We drink awesome tea and the food is great. Last night we slept outside under the stars and the full moon.

I am very happy to share this two drawings with you that I made in the last hour. We have made great friends here. If you come to Morocco just ignore the hustlers that want to sell tours to you at every busstop. Just go to your destination and meet the real people there.

I am happy we have the time to stay in the sahara for some more time.

Lots of Light and Love <3

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Wow i am happy to hear you visited sahara desert.

wow that's looks really actual you have made it ,,,,, really impressive

wonderful drawing...there has no doubt that you draw the head of camel..really so excellent.you looking so gorgeous in Sahara.. i hope both of you enjoy very much..have a good trip ..

very awesome @yoganarchista, you are very talented, I like your creations, success always.

great journey, good day, the art you painted is amazing, may you succeed, I will always mendukun you, I will restem to repay your kindness.

Great participation .. I am really very happy that I live in Morocco.
welcome everybody

wow. you have some skill of drawing. goat head in the food party is giving scary looks. Thanks for sharing tip. Yes it's better to meet the real people. Have a nice stay at Morocco. keep sharing @yoganarchista

Excellent drawing and it seems you are enjoying very much at Morocco.

Very great and realistic drawings, keep up the great work, and have a blast out there!!!

how are you darling, you are so beautiful i am amazed with you, have a nice day, i also learn to die your amazing art, hopefully you are my friends.
I will upvote and restem

As I mentioned to. @sature you are very blessed to have such a Priceless experience and you're getting it organically rather than commercially. And treasure the time you have thanks for sharing

Hamma nice!!!
Sehr sehr gut geworden!!!

Really beautiful drawings. I know in some countries in Asian and may be in Africa it is a symbol of respect to put a cooked head of for example a sheep in front of guests, therefore I was wondering if this is the same for the people in Sahara?

Hope you enjoyed your trip, we all know about Sahara from books and movie but I believe not many people traveled to.

Thank you for sharing your drawings and cheers, @Stef1

hi @yoganarchista Still with me @arul101 has seen amazing travel postings from you, but blog me there are also some interesting posts

Excellent drawing and it seems you are enjoying very much at Morocco.I am really impressed .

@yoganarchista, Another creative Antelope skull drawings in Morocco travel. You have great vision. Also better smile you've in desert. Keep laughing every time better attitude.

Bravo @yonganarchista, so beautiful drawing.

pictures that are similar to the original friend, beautiful trips to @yoganarchista, amazing, and beautiful