Hello kittens! 🐱 Do you want fish?🐠

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Hello kittens! 🐱 Do you want fish?🐠 I know that you are hungry. What is not? And if I offer dried fish with beer? hehe, that's fine? I think yes :)

We arrived there very early in the morning by car. This was far from the case. The red sun was just beginning to break away from the horizon, and we were already pulling the fishing rods out of the car. However, it was necessary to get up even earlier, almost dark. We did not even have breakfast, so as not to waste time.

Upon arrival at the rates, we immediately put on shore, set the fishing rods and threw them. I did not make a bait for the fish.

When all preparations were completed, one had to wait until they bite. Then you could have breakfast with sandwiches. I took out a thermos with hot tea.

I watched the nature at a speed. At this time the water was very calm, you can immediately see where the spray of fish. And around there was also an amazing silence, only the frogs "cracked" in the reeds.

We began to peck fish, we cut it and pulled it out. They were carp, redhead, roach, sometimes caught perch, when it was caught on a fish. Then we salted this fish and dried it.

I live in the city. And as a resident of the city I was used to the fact that I was always surrounded by comfort and civilization, I was used to the noise of transport, factories, factories. Nearby shops, bus stop, telephone. A quick cycle of life, alternating days, weeks, months ... You do not have time to look back - and it's been a year already. And so the moments of "separation from civilization" are very pleasant and remembered for a long time. For example, go fishing.

As I said, that day we woke up. It was just light, and it was pretty cool. We threw jackets, took fishing rods, worms dug in the evening, bread (also for bait), a small bucket, sandwiches. We got into the car and drove to the river. There we found a quiet place, settled down and abandoned the fishing rods.

We sat for a long time, waited, but the floats did not move, although I know that it's best to peck at dawn. We changed the bait, again throwing the fishing rod, but did not catch anything. It would have been better if we had been feeding fish since the evening. And then I thought that it would be nice to hook on a hook, bread and a worm. So I did. Shortly before my float began to descend. Hooray!

But it turned out that when the fish bites, you still need to properly pull the fishing rod, so that the production does not fall off the hook (to snap - quickly and sharply raise the fishing rod). I was congratulated on the first fish. Then everything became more fun. As soon as the fish broke away from my hook, but then I understood the meaning of catching fish.

When I again wanted to take out the fishing rod to change the bait, I did not succeed. The line suddenly stretched out, and the rod began to threaten. I asked for help. We began to pull the fishing rod together. I was afraid that the line was just confused, and we pulled out some kind of snag (it's too suspicious that the fish acted silently, if it was she). But the fishing rod jerked again. It's good that the rod is strong, otherwise it will just break. "Lead carefully to the shore!" - They taught me. "" Smooth; smooth! "I did so: the fishing rod survived, the line did not burst, and the fish-bream hung on the hook.

After this interesting fishing, we began to come to bets more often. We drove in, put a fishing pole and sat next to each other. Enjoyed nature, singing birds.

How to pickle the fish for drying

Any dish is best done by yourself, than buying. This rule applies to the salting of fish. Often deciding to cook it yourself, the question arises as to how to properly salt fish.

The freshly caught inhabitants of rivers and lakes are best suited for salting and further drying. Therefore, if the family has fishermen who often catch river or lake representatives, their salting will be an excellent solution.

There are two types of frame fish.

For large fish. If the frame is longer than 30 cm, then it must be gutted. To do this, it is washed, rinses the stomach and removes the entrails. Then all the rest is washed in cool water. It is not recommended to cut the head, but it is necessary to remove the gills.

For small fish. Small carcasses up to 30 cm in length do not need to be cooked. They can be poured indestructible. The only requirement is to remove the gills.

Each fish is well rubbed with salt and folded into a container. On its bottom it is necessary to pour in about 1 cm of salt. Carcasses should be laid out so that they are very dense. Therefore, it is better to throw your head back on the tail. Each layer should be poured a small layer of salt. After everything was laid, the upper part is poured with a layer of salt 1 cm. At the top of the contents of the container, install the lid and press it with a heavy load.

In this state, everything is from 8 to 10 days in a cool shaded place. When the juice starts to appear on the 3rd - 4th day, it will not remain in the container.

Have a nice rest!🐠

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