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Vietnam Danang Banyan Tree Lang Co Candid Stay

Dog honey promotion information



Hello, this is Eunah.

Today's luxury pool villa in Danang, Vietnam

I brought you Banyan Tree Lang Co.

Even honest reviews and honey promotions!

Bud-I'll clean it up :)



Danang Banyan Tree Lang Co

Located north of the city or airport (towards later)

Pool Villa Resort

Not only is the facility clean since it was opened for a few years,

Omchan is luxurious overall.

Enjoy quiet healing in a quiet place

When I go to a resort, I'm more than a busy tourist

It's the type that prefers to hang in the hotel.

It was a really good hostel!

Let's see it in pictures



This is the entrance to the main lobby where you will first meet when you arrive at the resort.

It was a very static and luxurious atmosphere with water flowing in the center.

The actual check-in procedure was moved directly from the villa to be stayed.


A dedicated Butler driving a buggy

To the villa.

Exciting +_+



Hyap This is my one bedroom villa

There is a large private private pool in the yard.

Recording green and green everywhere

Healing itself is a lagoon view

I think there are separate seaview villas

I'm in Southeast Asia. I really liked the lagoon view.

However, if you prefer the sea, should you choose Seaview Villa?



Alas, just lay still and watch

He said that it's a stress-evolving view.

Raising or working day after day, living fiercely

Sometimes I want to do this for some reason

The moment I lay down the green healing view

My thoughts are gone

Just a happy party >.<


It's been a few years since it opened, so even inside the villa

It's so neat-

This is a wonderful room with a luxury brand name called'Banyan Tree'.

Wall painting, bed, bedding, fabric, curtain

Every accessory provided is luxurious +_+

An elegant space with traditional Vietnamese beauty!


There is a bathroom inside the bedroom

That's the sink sink... This piece is so pretty...


Inside the cabinet, brand-specific gowns and indoor slippers,

A shoulder bag that can be used comfortably in a resort

Safe deposit box, mosquito coil, etc.


The bathtub is so big

Sunshine pouring through the window

World pretty bathroom

Oh, if this is my house... how nice would it be



Bath gel, conditioner, shampoo

Bathroom amenities such as toothbrushes and toothpaste are meticulously equipped.

I'm just a body, but there's no shortage even if I leave.

Banyan Tree is a famous spa brand.

The amenity also had a very good scent

It seems to be a resort that women should love.

n this perfect Vietnamese Danang Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort

Until the end of this year (December 18)

We are holding a special event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand.

Spa, drinks and food expenses for stays of 2 nights or more

Discounts of up to 25 percent,

Choose one of the three programs above

You can get it for free

First: Start your day with yoga and eat with fresh ingredients grown on organic farms

Second: If you visit a local market and pick fresh seafood

We make custom dinners using our own ingredients

Third: If you are interested in cooking, you will also have the opportunity to participate in the cooking process yourself with the help of the chef.



Oh and~~ For reference, Banyan Tree Lang Co inside

The Thai restaurant Chaperon on the cliffs of the high hills is amazing.

The taste of the food and the plating are all awesome~~ The outdoor seating is also amazing~~


This is a picture taken sitting on an outdoor seat, but the view is amazing.

Langko Beach overlooks at a glance.

If you get a 25% discount, even the price is reasonable, but don't miss it.

And Banyan Spa is so famous~

If you choose to believe it, you will not have any regrets.

Time for a high-class healing~~ I'm happy just thinking about it

Anyway, here is the recommended hotel information for Da Nang

Ah, it's a dog honey promo!

Because it's a limited time event

Please make a reservation in advance to receive a great deal of benefits :)

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