Good Points by Four Points by Sheraton Da Nang Caustic Ratio!

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Four Points by Sheraton Danang

Good value with good price and good price!


Hello, this is Eunah

Today I've brought a brief introduction to Da Nang

This is a new hotel that opened in May 2018.

It was right in front of My Khe Beach and was stylish and luxurious.

Four Points by Sheraton Danang



Four Points by Sheraton Danang

It's a high-end 5-star hotel right in front of Mikevich.

It is a large 36-storey building with 390 rooms.

We use the same building as Altara Suite which we recommend for family travel in the form of a residence.


When entering the entrance, the ceiling is very high

The lobby is cool

Luxury Jin 5 Star Smel

I like it from the first impression.

Among the recently opened properties near My Khe Beach

There are a few clean and nice places,

Four Points Sheraton has a nice interior.

If you find a moderately luxurious place in the city, this is the answer!



There is a lounge cafe in the corner of the lobby

Sell ​​tea, coffee and cakes

The mango cake was so delicious :)


I will show you the facilities

There is a Horizon bar and a swimming pool at the top of the 36th floor.

Gym on the 35th floor and Spa on the 34th floor

The view is awesome because the grass is 36 stories high.


Sea and city view at the same time

The panoramic view is the best.


There is a shallow pool of water on one side.

Yeonwoo played with fondant

Wow ~~ Wow ~~

How cute it was

Yeonwoo looks great too.


The round sofa is a space where authentication shots come out pretty

The sea view spreads out coolly

Even if you come up in the evening and drink a cocktail, it's good to pour it, clap it!


I told you above that I use the same building as Altaras Suites.

Altaras Sweet Pool is right next door.

The structure seems almost the same



On the day I went, the fog was cloudy, so I couldn't see it.

Nevertheless, Ocean View is love.

Buildings that lined the sea are overlooked

It was refreshing to see the wavy sea.

The sea near here is located in the center of My Khe Beach where there are restaurants and cafes.

There are not many people and it is leisure


There is a serenity spa on the 34th floor.

I thought that the spa was okay too

Newly built, the facilities are clean.

More expensive than local shops in the city,

The scent is good and the skill is good ~~ I am satisfied with the high quality of the blouse!


Spa room for two with the groom

Here, too, the prospects over the glass are bleak.


Now, let's look at the room

We have two people, so we have two rooms.

The upper picture was a double room below the twin room.

Dad and Groom each use their own twins ~

I chose a double to sleep on a bed with my baby


Oh, it's more than expected!

The room condition is pretty good.

I also stayed at the Danang Sheraton Grand last year.

It's a resort, so the swimming pool is large, and this is the hotel style.

The four points, which are much cheaper, were the rooms good enough?

Luxury heart 뿅뿅 + _ +


The terrace overlooks the sea

Not the high floor, but the sea is really close ~~

It was good to hear the sound of the waves

Then, as I get older, I seem to like the sea more and more ..

I'm just looking at it like this

Oh, I chose Ocean View,

I think the view of Citiview is good here.

Looking at the pool, the view of the city center is just too wide ~

The high floor wasn't enviable.

Citiview also has its own charm.


I'll show you the bathroom anyway

You can look in the bedroom with a full glass,

If you drop the curtain, there is no problem.

Very very clean bathroom

The water pressure in the shower is also good!

Nice new hotel


Toothpaste, toothbrush soap, carrots are all ready

Shampoo Rinse Body Wash

It's a system to press and dictate like this.

Sheraton Grand has amenity such as shampoo in a small container, which is provided separately.

I didn't think there was a big difference in the condition of the rooms except that

Four Points Sheraton Caustic Smile!


An ironing board in the closet

White gown, safe, slippers

I want to give a good score to the room condition.

I am very satisfied with the price range


Breakfast every morning at The Eatery on the 3rd floor


It's also here for lunch and dinner.

They said that the concept of food varies slightly from day to day.


I ’m having breakfast, so I ’m not in good shape

I just took a few photos and brought the baby up again

My husband and dad said that the rice is good here ~

Since it is managed by the Sheraton brand, it will be more than basic ~~


When I thought about the Sheraton in Danang, I thought of Grand

If you think about cost-effectiveness and accessibility to the city

Four Points by Sheraton Danang seems to be a good choice

It's a place where you can get all the cost-performance ratio !!


I also take taxis from time to time

I watched this and that

Buy a bunch of mango and coffee at a market

Buy coconut cookies ~~


For fun, I also bought Yeonwoo Ao dai.

It's cute when babies wear Ao Dai

Each million million shots of authentication



Omchan's delicious seafood house is recommended

Also eat oysters and giant lobsters

It was a happy family trip

My dad, who was out of town and tasted local markets and streets,

I like this place more than a resort

Luxurious 5-star downtown Danang

The view is the best because it is right in front of Mike Beach

Reasonable to the price

It's a stylish hotel I've been feeling good about.

The exact rate for each day

Click below to inquire

Then I hope you enjoy your trip to Vietnam. :)

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