Bangkok Massage Spa Discount Tips + Reviews Satisfying Everything Divana Nature

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Bangkok Massage Spa Divana Nature Discount Tips + Reviews

A place where everything is satisfactory



I'm Eunah who came back after 10 days in Bangkok.

I was thinking about cleaning up the Bangkok massage spa.

First of all, I will take out my favorite Sukhumvit Divana Nurture photo today.

How to get a discount of 10,000 to 10,000 won per person by booking in advance

I will organize the facilities, program types, and prices.

I'm in a hurry to make a video of the 2019 Thailand Travel Review.

엊I uploaded one too

Please refer to those who are worried about the hotel

The newly opened Sukhumvit Hyatt stay in the second half of last year was also included :)


Among the many massage shops in Bangkok

DIVANA is so popular and popular

Each branch has a slightly different atmosphere and interior.

I prefer Sukhumvit or Silom store with good accessibility and pretty buildings and gardens.

(I will post Silom store soon!)

If you go to Thailand, massage is a must to say

We have a wide range of choices from inexpensive homes spread out on the streets to luxury hotel spas.

You can choose according to your budget and taste.

In my case, the entire itinerary

I take a massage every day

I receive most of them in an inexpensive shop that costs around 30,000 won for 2 hours

At least once or twice in the schedule, I find a spa with good facilities

The hotel will be the best in terms of atmosphere or facilities, but the price is burdensome.

I'm going to shops that use cheaper and better products

Among them, the place that I love is here, Divana!


I like the location in Sukhumvit

If you make a reservation in advance, you can also get a free pick-up from BTS Nana Station or Terminal 21.

I'm lazy, so even if I get stuck, I always go by taxi

(Thailand taxis are very cheap.

Even if I get stuck, I don’t get much money

It’s scary to eat time.

Still, if you give up and empty your mind, it's really easy to take a taxi to the destination right in front of you)




Ah so pretty appearance

Flowers bloom from the entrance of the entrance door

It has a good sensibility

The yard is a very large private building.



Green Green Green

Healing Place in the heart of the city!

Locals also took a lot of authentication shots here.

Koreans and Japanese too



If you go according to the reservation time

First, I'm guided by the fluffy sofa.


Try using oils and products yourself, smell and choose

The staff meticulously explains

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