Travel to the Farm: Pick Your Own Apples

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Hello Steemit Family!   

Apple picking is always a fun day to spend Fall outings with friends & family.  I went apple picking the other day at The Berryview Farm.  This farm grows various type of apples (Cortland, Gala, Honey Crisp, Empire, etc.) for the season but for today’s harvest: Golden Ginger apples! We grabbed a complimentary bag that the farm gave us and enjoyed a free tractor ride out to the orchard.

Picking the apples are easy.  You roll the apples in an upward motion and twist it off the branch; instead of pulling directly from the tree. This is done so that you don't cause other apples to fall to the ground or hurt the apple tree.  Then place them gently in the bag or you'll bruise them.   

101 Apple Lesson:

Across from the Berryview Farm, you can enjoy some fun times at Downey’s Farm Market and get lost in a 10km corn maze or watch the goats climb the stairs!    


We headed home after a long day.  I was ready to eat the apples.  Let's wash our apples and enjoy them! The Ginger Gold apples are juicy, sweet and mildly tart taste.  Very crunchy and good. I find that I eat more fruit at home knowing that I picked it myself!

Did you know?  Apples have many nutrients but the skin of an apple can have 6 times more antioxidants than the flesh. It's truly an amazing experience. Have fun apple picking Steemians! All pictures are taken from my Samsung Galaxy 7.

Thank you always for your support and don't forget to:

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Great post!
I think picking fruits is one of the most enjoying experiences


Thank you @helenril. It is a fun experience. Have you tried?

thanks for sharing.. something nice about spending time in a apple orchard!


Thank you for the comment @shellyduncan. It's very relaxing. Have a great day <3

Great day out in the country side. Those apples look so yum! Goats do climb on everything it seems. Hehe!


They are delicious! The goats are so funny climbing all over the place lol

wow fresh from the tree catch me some :) lovely photos ...specially the one who holding the apple stay pretty hun :)


I have plenty for you <3 Have a lovely day hun!

Wow Cin - that apple farm looks SO good. I wish I had those near me! Apples are not easily grown in Costa Rica! I am feeling a little apple envy! hahaha
Following you for more adventures!


Thanks @sallybeth23!! I wish I can ship you some hehe. It's very yummy :)

Wow. That looks like a fun trip. Reminds me of Apple Hill near Placerville, California.


Thanks Nikki! It was fun :)

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