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Sculpture park in the Frogner Park with more than 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland (1869–1943) in bronze, granite and cast iron, including The Angry Boy (Sinnataggen in Norwegian), The Monolith (Monolitten) and The Wheel of Life (Livshjulet).

Vigeland was also responsible for the design and architectural outline of the park, which is one of Norway's top tourist attractions, with more than one million annual visitors.

The park is free to enter and open all year round, 24 hours a day.


info from wikipedia

The Vigeland installation (Norwegian: Vigelandsanlegget), originally called the Tørtberg installation, is located in the present centre of Frogner Park. It is the name of the arrangement of sculptures and not of an area as such, as the entire park is called Frogner Park. The Vigeland installation in Frogner Park is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the "Vigeland Park," but this name has no official status, is not commonly used in Oslo and is considered inaccurate. The legal name of the entire park in accordance with the Place Name Act (stadnamnlova) is Frognerparken (Frogner Park).The sculpture installation was, as part of Frogner Park, protected under the Heritage Act on 13 February 2009 under the name Frogner Park and the Vigeland installation
(Norwegian: Frognerparken og Vigelandsanlegget).


photos @xpilar

The sculpture area in Frogner Park covers 80 acres (320,000 m2) and features 212 bronze and granite sculptures, all designed by Gustav Vigeland. The Bridge was the first part to be opened to the public, in 1940. The Bridge forms a 100 metre (328 ft)-long, 15 metre (49 ft)-wide connection between the Main Gate and the Fountain, lined with 58 sculptures, including one of the park's more popular statues, Angry Boy (Sinnataggen). Visitors could enjoy the sculptures while most of the park was still under construction. At the end of the bridge lies the Children’s Playground, a collection of eight bronze statues showing children at play.

All photos/video are taken by me with the Canon EOS 2000D
and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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In the frogner park

Walking through the park, between the fountains and the statues

I saw the most beautiful man on earth, with bright eyes and captivating smile

I hurried to be near him, and I could smell his perfume, smell of a man I loved

His eyes looked at the statues of three girls who played
and I inevitably smiled

The weather was perfect, the wind brought the scent of flowers and the sun warmed me sweetly

He interrupted his observation and fixed his gaze on me, felt my heart beat and asked me for guidance

I told him I was a tourist guide of the frogner park and he smiled, although I instantly noticed that I was a tourist too

But he decided to continue the trip with me, until today we are company.

thank you for your wonderful poem @anasuleidy

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Es un ambiente maravillosamente hermoso, (Parque de esculturas -Bigeland en Noruega), donde la creatividad se manifiesta magistralmente con la inherente finalidad de expresar la belleza, transformando una piedra, u otro ma-terial, con armoniosa destreza, la que por los méritos quedan como un legado para el disfrute de la ciudadanía y para nosotros los Esteemianos, quienes por este medio tenemos el honor de apreciar tan bellas imágenes en tan hermoso parque, mediante fotos y vídeos. Para mi fue un verdadero placer haberlos contemplado mediante las fotos que dejaste expuestas de manera bondadosa,así como también el vídeo. Gracias.bendiciones.

thank you for your great feedback @brismar

Wow, that is impressive park, I could even not able to imagine such project. Gustav was very talented and I can understand his love to created the human figure, human body with those materials. Human was is and will be one of the most favorite topic in Art.

The bridge is absolutely amazing, I can imagine that people love to walk there, actually I could be having a feeling been followed or stared among by the sculptures as they are so nicely integrated in the park.

Beautiful photography and you luckily had nice weather too :)

Nice that you like it, thanks @stef1

Surprisingly, mixing with all these statues must be something out of this world, feeling accompanied by these sculptures, I had never seen anything similar, demonstrating that the freedom of the human being and its transparency will show naturally.

Thank you @chris94
for your great description

Buenas fotografías, extraordinario lugar, y lo mejor es que es real y no su imaginació alegra de que existan trabajos de esa magnitud. / Good photographs, extraordinary place, and the best thing is that it is real and not your imagination. I am glad that there are works of that magnitude.

Nice that you like it @adeljose

Wow!!! What an awesome capture from you, the weather make those shots sharpness and you did a very wonderful job!!!

I remember your previous experience in that similar place, it's a nice and interesting place to for one's to visit if having one it's kind around!

Thanks for share.


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thank you so much @davidad

You are welcome Snr. @xpilar hehe...

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Very beautiful place, i hope to visit :)

Nice to hear, thanks @sniper555


Frogner Park looks very unusual. has 200 sculptures, it is extraordinary. it looks like Frogner park tourism is attracting worldwide attention. I'm sure many people want to come to Frogner Park. I also really want to see Frogner Park in person.

Nice to hear, thanks

Beautiful place great pic.

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Very beautiful artwork. Lots of statues there.

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Great place to live there. Nice work.

When I go to Norway, I will go there!

They are extraordinary photographs, these sculptures are a beauty.

They are incredible sculptures, the atmosphere looks very fresh and conveys peace, I hope there is a thirteen part.

Nice to hear, thanks @elider11

there will be no part 3, the rest of the photos are in the video 🙂

Un espectáculo todas esas hermosas esculturas. Felicidades, amigo, @xpilar y gracias por permitirnos disfrutar de el arte en fotografías y video.

Nice to hear, thanks @lauram

Norway is a beaitiful country to visit. Its nature intact and gives you peace.

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Nice to hear, thanks @videoaddiction

Is this the largest sculpture park in the whole world? perfect architecture

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Hi @nurmalaalibasyah

I don't know if it's the biggest culpture park in the whole world

Interesting creativity, one might even say not ordinary, but I want to see it. Thank you for a good excursion.

Nice to hear, thanks @magnata

Truly a sculpture garden that is extraordinary.

Nice to hear, thanks @rihonkeugata

Very good photos, your description is also very complete even to the number of statues and bridgest, i really like fountains

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thank you so much @tya.saputry

Garden and sculpture are very suitable equivalents. Very beautiful.

It seems like a tourist center for me

Yes @adedapo-glory, the park is well visited with people from all over the world

So wanderful place and area, i want to visit here.This place really aswame, thanks for sharing with us.Have a Nice Day

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Nice to hear, thanks @nevlu123

Beautiful art work.
Thanks for sharing your post. I like it this post..

Nice to hear, thanks @mdalaminhossin

Very nice scenery and nice statues

Nice to hear, thanks @donclo

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very beatuiful place, i hope to visit..
Wow!!! What an awesome capture from you, the weather make those shots sharpness and you did a very wonderful job!!!
(:Beautiful photography and you luckily had nice weather too :)

Nice to hear, thanks @hafijur-rahman

Very picturesque place! Thanks and for video, dear @xpilar !

thank you so much @singa

for you

Nicely done. I now know some place to visit if I ever go to Norway. :)

Yes, it is a great place to visit @jrcornel

Excellent model of square, very good work of sculptural architecture, a small nude world where nature gives a touch of flowers and leafy trees.

Nice that you like it @jadnven

Hello @xpilar, I don't know whether to praise the wonderful sculptures you show us or your great photographic work, which makes us feel the immense desire to want to visit this spectacular place.

Nice to hear, thanks @leca

Amazing place to explore great shots you shared from there enjoyed this part

Nice to hear, thanks @blazing

Amazing place to
Explore great shots you shared from
There enjoyed this part

                 - blazing

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Nice to hear, thanks @solangeh

I like it, it is a place with interesting statues, although they should not be seen by minors, haha.

Nice that you like it @adrimonte

hehe, there's no age limit there

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Wow so great post. I like it this post. thanks for sharing your post..

It is an extraordinary place, demonstration of creativity and freedom without sense of how beautiful the naked human body is and the love between human beings ... The great video, in which does your son appear?

Nice that you like it @jdbs

My son is there, but you mean the little boy who smiles at one of the pictures.
It's my son's stepson.
hehe, all my kids are good adults now

It's good that your children are adults, it means they are your company.
That boy is very handsome and looks so radiant.

Nice to hear, thanks @jdbs

Explendido place @xpilar I imagine that enjoyment must be guaranteed, so many old bronze images adore with a serious and classic touch, I imagine that during the night it must be beautiful with the mixtures of lights ..

Nice that you like it @wilmer1988