Some Photos of Rural Vietnam!

We covered over 1,500 kilometers during out trip. We motorbiked through the swampy Mekong Delta. From there we went into the crisp airy mountains of Dalat, then down to the coast to the buzzing city of Nha Trang, then north along the coast full of cliffs that dropped off into the sea. We then headed west, inland towards Laos. Just before approaching the border we turned north and traveled along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, which offered some the most scenic views and densest jungle of our journey.

After sleeping in a small town we headed back east to the Imperial City of Hue. Eighty Kilometers south is the big Central Vietnam City of Danang where we returned the bike and then flew to Krabi Thailand where we will wait out the corona virus situating.

Now come along and let's see some real life captured during an epic six week adventure through Vietnam on motorbike!


Photo Credit: @World-Travel-Pro

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