Lookin at all that meat!

Visiting the Central Market in Athens was honestly one of the highlights of my time spent in this city. For most people the highlight probably would have been a visit to the Parthenon, a museum, a night out, or maybe a fancy dinner; but for me it's Athens Central Market!

What really stood out to me was the raw ingredients of the Mediterranean diet on display in all it's glory! The selection of fresh seafood was outstanding. The meat section was surprisingly gory, and to all those vegans and vegetarians, look away or take a closer look to the reality of what the meat industry is, especially here in Athens.

Overall the Central Market in Athens is a very exciting and an affordable place to shop. Anyone living in Athens or visiting with an airbnb apartment and kitchen, I highly recommend going shopping here and enjoying the fresh food and selection of all things Greek! Now come along and lets have a closer look at what is on display!


Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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