Come have a look around Sofia Bulgaria!

Sofia Bulgaria really stood out to me as an excellent location for a long term budget traveler. Sofia is a place that you can really spend some time and live a very good life for very little money. The city is clean, classy, low crime, low unemployment, great restaurants great food, and it's all for prices that you wouldn't believe.

A beer at a convenience store is as little as 40 cents USD. A bottle of decent wine is as little as two dollars. A one bedroom apartments goes for as little as $175 USD per month. The weather in the summer is excellent and there are great outdoor activities to enjoy. The city has a great metro system yet is also very walk-able. Sofia has great history, architecture, and excellent museums. Now come along and lets have a closer look at Sofia Bulgaria in this in depth Travel Pro Real Life Captured Series.



Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

Have you ever been to Montenegro?

where were you staying how was people's attitude towards you?

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