an Afternoon with Butterflies

in travel •  10 months ago


This Butterfly (moth) measured 25 centimeters in diameter

Today we celebrated my wife's birthday and it was her wish to go to the Papiliorama. So despite a heavy hurricane striking Switzerland we drove 129 kilometers with gust of wind hitting our car all along the ride.

Many of you probably don't know what Papiliorama is, but it's a large 'zoo' where they have loads of butterflies under one roof. For those of you interested after my blog and want to know more, you can find their website here.

For both my wife and kids it was an unforgettable day. The place is nicely built and there are butterflies galore. Unfortunately the way back became even more difficult than the way over and at some point we were stuck for more than 30 minutes in a traffic, however this was still nothing compared to the people who were on the other side.

This butterfly seemed very elusive and difficult to get a picture off, they were always moving. This is one of the best I managed to take!

We passed 2 parts of highway that were closed off due to trees having fallen over the road and at another part there was a fallen over truck and unstable electricity wires. Those people are probably still stuck in traffic.

Here are some of the pictures I took today at the Papiliorama, Enjoy!




Yes, there's even a butterfly in this picture, look carefully.



There were also other species at this 'zoo'



!steemitworldmap 46.9895033851971 lat 7.200829985257542 long Papiliorama, Kerzers D3SCR

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Very Nice! Wish i could see in person!


Well, no reason not to go and visit if you're ever in the neighboorhood. Maybe you even have a place like that where you live.


We do have quite a few lovely sites here in Oregon :) Thank you for sharing the pictures!


You're welcome and thank you for commenting!


look at first time


What do you mean?

I love butterflies!! It is amazing to know about that place, thanks to share


You're welcome and thank you for replying

Your photography skills are second to none.

Which camera do you use


Thank you! I took those with my iPhone. No skills, just luck pressing at the right time and having subjects that made the right poses.

Hey @wolfje, thx for sharing. Such beautiful creatures! The black ones are really amazing.


Thank you, yes they were really nice to see


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Wow! Awesome shots!


Thank you!

Amazing post and thanks for sharing


Thank you!

WOW! Dude these are beautiful!


Thank you!

What beautiful photos I congratulate you, you remind me of the jungle that exists in my country, greetings from Venezuela I hope we can continue reading


Thank you! You have butterflies like these in Venezuela? Then I certainly must come and visit your country in the future.

What a lovely picture, beautiful colors . thnx for sharing


Thank you for finding me and commenting!

Birds and butterflies look really pretty. And there are many kinds of creatures with many kinds and lots of colors

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Thank you

what camera you use @wolfje


Just my iPhone

good shot!!!!!!!

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