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the Capitol with left behind it the Supreme Courts and on the right behind it the Library of Congress and in the background the baseball stadium. I took this picture from the Washington Monument

One of the most fantastic and recognizable cities in the world. I am a huge fan of series like NCIS and House of Cards. So Washington became ever more a place I wanted to visit. My wife and I were freshly married and she was pregnant with our firstborn. So we decided it would probably be our last longhaul trip and as that's something we don't want to do with young children.

President Obama came to personally welcome us ss we crossed the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge into Washington, we had to wait as a motorcade with President Obama passed us.

  • Category: City Trip
  • Recommended length of stay: minimum 4 nights on a city break, but take your time if you can, the museums are fantastic and shopping is great for Europeans
  • Currency: Dollar
  • Timezone: GMT+5
  • Perfect for: Long weekend, Romance, Family, History
  • Target group: Couples, over 50's, families & friends

The city really surprised us, we both had been to New York, but Washington is nothing like it. It's brimming with history and politics, great museums, big and wide streets without the hustle and business of New York. Cute small neighboorhoods and above all friendly people that seem more relaxed despite the stress of national and international politics.

This flight from Europe might put some people off, as 8 hours is already a bit longer than your 'normal' holiday, but if you're looking for something special and less well-known, then Washington DC is definitely to be recommended.

Obama needed some help, so I stepped in ... that's the kind of person I am 😉

We had an appartment just around the corner of the White House, so we passed it several times, just due to its reputation and awesomeness. There are coffee shops and restaurants all around and it is also fantastic for shopping, like most of the US is for Europeans (if you shop for American brands).

Some impressions of Washington

What did we like about the city:

  1. The city is brimming with monuments, museums and famous buildings
  2. The sidewalks are wide and easy to navigate
  3. Shopping is fantastic, we went to TJ Maxx twice and left a small fortune there
  4. The people are less stressed, extremely helpful and friendly
  5. The city is easy to navigate both by foot, by public transport and by taxi
  6. There's something for everyone and sports all year around

More impressions, we managed to catch a pre-season NBA game between the Washington Bullets and the Detroit Pistons

Most of our time we spent visiting monuments and museums like the Air & Space Museum, the Holocaust Museum, the Lincoln Monument, the Vietnam Monument and Madame Tussauds, but also walking around, visiting Georgetown, attending a basketball match, but we also visited the Library of Congress and the Capitol, including the Senate room.

We were in Washington for a week and this was enough for a first time, but I wold love to go back and spend more time there as there's still plenty I'd like to see.

When in the US, have a hotdog on the streets

When it comes to food, we all know what American standards are like. Large portions and cheap, however there are plenty of good restaurants in Washington and also plenty of choice ... and if you're looking for something cheap there are plenty of coffee places, fast food chains and pizza places around the town.

If you have anything to add or ask, feel free. Until the next one, happy travelling!


!steemitworldmap 38.9071923 lat -77.03687070000001 long Washington DC D3SCR

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Nice work Wolfman! Always looking forward to your next adventure. Cheers mate.


Thanks, that's very kind!

Nice pictures!! Haha thanks for sharing with us this travel! I liked it!!


Thank you very much!

So you can really sit in the President's chair or is that just a replica? 😂


LOL, that was at Madame Tussauds 😉

Great post , look like you are having fun in Washington


We did, it was the last trip we did before we had kids 😉

Great post, Id love to have a tour, thanks for sharing


Thank you!

Really cool!!!!! ;-D



You wrote Obama. Well now they have a weasel :) it is great to see other travellers going around the world. Well according to bad crypto and slow follow numbers we are stuck in Asia :)

I only managed to do a day trip there the other year, would love to go back again

Good post..



Nice views, keep the movement going, upvoted


Thank you!

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