A Slumberqueen roadtrip extravaganza with adventure hero Jillybean and her wonderdog Diesel: the Canadian edition!

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Oh my goodness! What a lovely last few months 2017 has given me!

I have so much to update y'all with. Where to start... a volcanic birthday journey in Iceland, a Slumberqueen roadtrip extravaganza with adventure hero Jillybean and her wonderdog Diesel, the dizzy days of Steemfest and Azores after trip, or the Columbian Spanish school intensive and playing hooky in the waterfalls and cliff sides of Guatape. Phew!! Let's start somewhere in the middle...

Here we go!


I arrived here!

Jillybean and sidekick Diesel swooped me up from the airport in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Jilly and Deez would share their home with me for the next 30 days. Let me introduce you to Slumberqueen, a darling and quirky RV from 1988. After her home island of Salt Spring, BC has become a tourist hot spot and rent prices soared Jilly decided to move out of her rented home into a home on wheels 😊 After a couple months of prep Slumberqueen was ready to make her debut and I was lucky enough to be apart of the first expedition.

Meet the trio! Me, Jillybean, and Deez

My days were soon filled with a dazziling blur of too much fun, here's a small sample :)

Foraging for the most delicious Chantrelle and Cauliflower mushrooms...

Collecting mussels, gooseneck barnacles, clams and catching fish

Bathing in hotsprings

Feeling pleasantly insignificant...

...amongst the biggest of giants

Volunteering at a medicine farm 😉

Discoving sea treasures I never knew existed

Jillybean is becoming an better mechanic by the day

A visit from the one and only @lovejoy

I solemnly swear we are up to no good. 😊

Which adventure story would you like to hear next?!

I'm off to Cuba!

<3 @wolfcat


love those mushrooooms !

So delicious! Id love to see what culinary treasure you would create with them :)

Wolfcat! thanks for you patience at the wedgetable yesterday. Have a blast on your next journey. This post is great!!

It was my pleasure to take it easy and get some things done on my end too :) see you when i return from Cuba!

Look who finally decided to come back. My best to lovejoy!

:p yeah!! It feels good! I've been on the move a lot! Excited to share the journeys! How ya doing fellow nomad?!

lovely smiles!! if you ever come to europe visit portugal and hmu :)

Oh ill be making it to Portugal :) I was there this fall for Steemfest and it charmed me hard!
If you find yourself in Minnesota let me know!!

If maybe i had known about steemit before!! Come and bring Jillybean, he looks so nice, (big dog lover here) and i'll show you a bit of my country with pleasure!

damn girl! I really lolled at that clam pic hahaha :) What a great time you had- thank you for sharing, really brightened up my day!

Hehe! Thanks! I love that clam one too! Makes @lovejoy cringe a bit :) That clam was turned into clam mac and cheese. Doesn't get much more dirty lux than that ;)

DAAAAMN that sounds fire, never mix seafood and cheese, but if lobster can do it why cant clam right?;)

Wow, this is so cool!! Those memories are treasures! 😍

This somehow looks otherworldly to me. I have never seen trees so big with my own eyes and joy just comes out of your pores in every photo. All the treasures from nature. So magnificent! Thank you for sharing your experience! :)

:) thanks! My pores were indeed feeling joyous from all the consisent smiles and fresh air, I truly fell in love with Vancouver Island. Gotta soak up those moments when youre feeling like a forest fairy :)

Omg! Shrooms. Weed. Travel. Everything a moder day hippie would love. I LOVE IT! 🤙🏼✌🏼

It truely was! Crusin in Slumberqueen, collecting friends we made along the way :) one night we had 5 people sleeping in there plus Deez! Cant't wait for round 2! Thanks for chiming in :) Sounds like I got a fellow hippie dreamer on my side ;)

I love seeing those massive, ancient trees. So cool!

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Let the adventures continue... keep steeming!!

|Oh my goodness, it looks like you had/having so much fun. Those trees, swoon. I also love shell fish so those made my mouth water and foraging for mushrooms, it just gets better and better. I can't wait to see what else you post, what is next for you?

hello @wolfcat,
I just read a couple of your publications. incluiding the introduceyourself, i like it so much. I like how you write, your beautiful photos, and the things you ve been doing, like traveling.
Im new here, and im writing my first post to introduce myself.
I will be waiting for more of your stories, and you wanted to meet people and amke friends.. me aswell ;)
Regards from Canary Islands

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