My first trip to Venice, Italy: part 3

in travel •  3 months ago

The narrow streets of Venice are unusually impressive, along with this, if you do not have a GPS navigator, you can easily get lost here. Speaking for myself, I always used the GPS navigator to move around the amazing city.


Keep in mind that in the summer in Venice is very hot, due to low amount of greenery and a huge amount of concrete and stone that is very heated during the sun day, the only thing that helps to cool the city in the summer is the sea water which impressively surrounds the whole city.


I want to share a nice cheap Venetian pizzeria "Pizza 2000" where you can taste real hot Italian pizza for only 2 euros.


There is a very large selection of pizza that will be cooked in front of you, and the price in almost half the cost of other Venetian pizzerias :)


The city has a large number of churches that create their own identity and inspire on spiritual thoughts.


Waking up, I went out for a walk and saw a Venetian dog, stared directly at me, which raised my mood :)


The end of part 3.

Photos: Iphone 7

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What are the buildings made of?modern concrete or like ancient time buildings with stones ?


mostly ancient time buildings with stones

waaw amazing.!! never been there before. lot of buildings


Beautiful photos. Following.


Cool bro, thanks

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You gave a proper outlook on Venice here :)
Great pictures, I haven't been there yet but hopefully I'll get to go there soon! I heard it's quite smelly, is that true?


Yes, sometimes its a bit smelly )

I like also traveling


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free good post thanks

Cool post, I also went in mid summer and found it overcrowded. Would love to go back during spring to not be constantly sweating and get away from the tourists a bit! But still, amazing city and food!


yes i think in spring it will be amazing travel

Great pictures, those look like some very interesting streets to walk through.


absolutely, friend )

wow😍 fantastic images🏕🏞🛣🏜🏝🏖



i am also planning. how many days it required to travel around?

That is the prettiest pizza box I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing your photos and experiences.