Fantastic trip to Rome, Italy: part 13 (Ostia)

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Ostia is a romantic resort town mostly for local people, exceptionally cute and cozy.


Its main advantage is a long sandy beach with a gentle entrance into the water.


But in some places there are stones, be careful.


The whole infrastructure is on the shore. For 13-16 EUR per day in the territory of any club, where you will be given chaise-longue and an umbrella, as well as provide an important opportunity to use the toilet and, of course, make any orders in the club bar. The photos one of club beach.


Photos: Iphone 7

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very good photos.



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Very nice pictures, wonderful place.



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Looks like the perfect place to be happy :) I loved the cactus!!


yes, i think the same ) thanks for comment :)

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Хорошее место, чтобы побыть немного счастливым и насладится морем. А еще хоть на несколько дней забыть о проблемах и вообще обо всем на свете. Хотя бы на 10 дней сюда, и эти 10 дней были бы для меня сказкой.

Enjoy one of the beautiful city in the world.


thanks for the comment )

Very beautiful photography 😃

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