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Do you want to go on a great adventure, but can't leave your job and house?

This is a photo series depicting what it's like to hike Iceland's Landmannalaugar trail from North to South, over about 4 days. Being late July, I saw all kinds of weather, changing by 40 degrees in the span of a few hours even, going from shorts to snowing.

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If you're already planning to do this hike I guarantee these vistas will spoil the surprise for you! I was very lucky to have excellent weather for most of my shots, while still getting a taste of everything from snow to sheep to fog.

I actually didn't plan or prepare for such a hike: my clothes, sleeping bag, and tent were mostly all SUMMER gear, and my "boots" were throwaways. Definitely had sore feet and maybe some mild hypothermia, but was the best spontaneous decision I ever made. (Don't take the trail lightly though, as you will see from the photo of the grave marker of a young hiker who died in a July snowstorm).


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