Solo travel is scarier than I thought it would be...

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Buenos Aires.. solo for a month.. let's see what happens...

I'm normally a pretty gregarious and obnoxiously social guy. But I see now... that it's mainly due to certain security blankets... like a friend around or access to a quick uber departure.

However, I decided to travel solo for the first time, 7000 miles from home, for a month in a country that speaks English worse than I speak Spanish (Which is horrifically).

Buenos Aires! For some reason a dream of mine for the last decade... I blame Tim Ferriss.

I land and feel like my belongings should be permentely etched to my balls.. away from prying hands. Apparently there are thieves here.. some with knives and also ATM kidnappers! A micro adventure where the kidnappers take you on a tour of the city empting your bank accounts with the max limit at each ATM. My friends and family have repeatedly told me the ominous tales.

The paranoid part of me started stirring... I didn't care I was being massively ripped off getting a taxi to my airbnb. I needed to get there... My trezor had slipped the authorities, I was IN and needed to store that shit safely!

Many people who have travelled solo love to reminisce about how amazing it was.. in the end... forgetting to mention the complete loneliness and anxiety they felt the first few days. At home I can jump into a club and talk to anyone, here I feel lost, away from the familiar, scared to venture out.

Why the fuck did I do this?

I don't know anyone here and... also I may be stabbed for shits and giggles over a few pesos :o

With a whole raft of anxieties and second guessing I decided to hole myself up in my apartment for a couple of days and reflect on life. I was also being a huge vagina.

Now I'm here writing this, terrified but also excited. I know I'm scared, I know why, I also know how to fix it. So I'll be going to a house party tonight to meet a ragtag group of travellers from the site 'internations'. Then starting a Spanish school in a few days. Hashtag Yolo?

It's scary, I'm out of my comfort zone, maybe I should have dipped my toe in the water before jumping in the deep end? Fuck it...Time to hustle up some adventures.

To be continued...


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Be careful and Safe travel

I've never been to Buenos Aires, but i solo travelled and hitchhiked within india.
It's not so scary as is sounds.
I feel the whole scary thing is exaggerated!


For sure, I got over it within a few days. Bit damn.. those first few days were pretty scary 🤗


Thanks for the video! Great perspective


I loved the way he goes about showing the different rules of hitchhiking in the video. He's a really funny speaker 😂

After all is said and done, however, solo travel remains the best thing ever! Looking forward to the next part 😊


It gets much better:p

its great to travel by yourself! you open up and see things in a different perspective. Sometimes it can be lonely but it can make you so much stronger being able to have the confidence to travel far away independently.

I lived in Buenos Aires for many years and I can say that it is dangerous if you are not careful, if you go to the street with your cell phone in your hand, camera, etc. There are people who do it and nothing happened, but there are people who lost their lives by cell phone. just be careful and enjoy that wonderful city. We are following you: )


I went around with my old phone. Apparently 300 cell phone thefts per day and the thieves go to schools. Ultimately I was fine, I kept an eye out though. Also an eye out for the dog poo.... lol... So much in BA

Solo travel is such a rewarding experience, I encourage you to always step outside your comfort zone as that's where most fun stories appear from! Maybe learn some Spanish on the side so people wont be so quick to potentially label you as gringo! Numbers, directions and courtesies go a long way!


This piece here is pretty dire... however by the end of the trip... it was an incredible experience. Happy times :p

Love the beautiful purple jacaranda blossoms. 😄

Brave, I can only say that!

Hi @wingz , how are you? I will also travel to Buenos Aires at the end of this month. Will you still be around? I'm doing basically exactly the same thing. Travelling alone with no clue in Buenos Aires.

Let me know!



I wrote this a month ago, back home now:p travelling for a year or more though. I'll be back:p


I made my closest friends by going to a spanish school. With that back up was easy to talk to anyone.

Just don't act like a tourist and you'll be fine. Safe travels!


Ive got a month under my belt... the next adventure will be ... dare I say... hashtag Yolo?

Cheers on embarking on a trip you've looked forward to for so long!

I wish I was there too, haven't been since 2014, where I watched Argentina lose the world cup with my family. Sad day that was.

Btw try and be there for the world cup next year. There's nothing like being in Argentina when they win an important game (:


Reached a plateau... time for some new crazy goals :p

I'm a travel blogger and spend most of my traveling time solo. It can be scary but it is also the coolest thing in the world. Enjoy!


Hope we can chat in the future

forgetting to mention the complete loneliness and anxiety they felt the first few days

I graduated college a semester early and everyone was telling me to take time off to go travel, but things like this terrify me. All my friends are still in school, so I'd have to hump it solo. I couldn't imagine doing something like that, props for you for going through with it!

Be careful Hitler's down there




There's always been rumors that Hitler escaped to Argentina. Along with some of his top supporters


No... he dead


I agree... was a joke


That's what's up.

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It's a great learning experience. Also good looking steak.