My visit at Crete: Elafonissi Beach, Lake Kournas

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Crete is the Greece largest island. It is popular for its varied terrain which ranges from fine-sand beaches at Elafonisi to the White Mountains.

If you are going to Crete, you must see Elafonisi Beach and Lake Kournas. You have to spend 3-4 hours on each location because both are worth a visit and These places are totally different from each other.

Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi Beach is very popular among travelers but peaceful, So it's spread across such a large area that everyone will find a place and will not feel overwhelmed. The water is crystalline there, and the sand is white-pink. Because of it's pink color this beach is famous although I admit that Balos beats Elafonisi in this respect. The pink color is appear due to crushed shells. In fact, millions of shells. This pink color corresponds It is also worth mentioning that the beach of Elafonissi was included in the list of Natura 2000. This feature is most valuable aspects for Europe.








Kournas potato

This Kournas lake is one of the most visited tourist attractions of western Crete. The views of here are totally wonderful. Mountainous landscape is different from what we have become accustomed to in popular resorts.

We just go into the beach and hired a water bike from there and start sailing into the center of the lake. We are enjoying the biking in fresh water including swimming, jumping from bike to water. admiring the turtles that live in the lake. everything amazing!



It is just about 10 euros to hire a water bike for an hour. You can swim all over the lake, all you have to watch is the shallow shore.




Visiting at the famous Samaria gorge is also at our plan. We were up early in the morning. the route is over 18 km, Unfortunately we hit the storm and the gorge was closed. Lose so much🙁

I hope all of my Steemit friends will visit this amazing place Crete and enjoy the beautiful and amazing views of mountain and lakes.

I inspired all steemitians to visit this nice place,Crete.

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I been in Greece's islands many time when i was working in cruise ship; Santorini, Mykonos and many others, but never in Crete!
Looking your pictures I will defenitely go next time that i will Travel in Greece!
The water look very clean, and beach too!
Nice blog and shots!

Wow, awesome, i like to swim as this sea

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This post deserves more meaningful upvotes.

that's what I am saying, so many votes and nothing....... It should be higher

Great post, its undervalued.

I visited Elafonissi last summer and it's really a beautiful beach. Your photos reminds me of the day we spent there, we had a great time!

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Your pictures are freaking awesome. The scenery is amazing and the beach wonderful.

We were there in Crete last summer and loved it! Also visited Elafonisi and Kourna Lake, loved both! Staying overnight in Elafonisi was totally worth it! Have you discovered Seitan Limania in Crete? It's a hidden beach and the color is stunning!!! Followed you :) We do travel vlogs on YouTube and did also a Crete series. We would like to make some connections on Steemit so please follow us back and we can be friends :) Looking forward for your posts

WOW, a moment I was with You on holiday, beautiful peaceful place , thank You

But what about that potato? :-)

thanks for the info and the pics hope to travel to greece

Would love to visit Greece someday

Looking amazing and awesome place! Upvoted

Looks fantastic, thanks for the pics.

Quite beautiful, nice and serene.

Love to visit, but stuck in a wonderful place of my own.

Wow ... Beautiful place and fun. Thanks for sharing....