I upvote your picture: Wednesday 24.1.2018: Share your personal pictures of Austria and bordering states

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After a week of too many things to do, I want to go on with this nice challenge that already got me so many ideas where to go for my next trips.

My challenge to you:
Comment this post with a picture!
Give me self made pictures from Austria and I will upvote them with 100%.
Give me a picture of a bordering state of Austria and I will upvote it with 50%.

Why am I doing that?
Because I love traveling and nearly every second weekend I'm doing a trip with my girlfriend.
Meanwhile it's getting a bit hard to find new targets, not too far away.
So I'm looking for your input and a picture is a wonderful possibility to show what you already experienced.

Let me start myself:
The first place I want to show you is close to the highest place of upper Austria at the mountain "Dachstein".
At more than 2200 metres there is a cottage called: "Simonyhütte".


Going there is not really "barrier-free", so you have to have to use your feet quite a bit, but once you are up there, the view is marvelous.

There are several possibilities to get there. Either you really go up all the way from Obertraun (Close to Hallstatt) or you use the cable car to get up to the "Krippenstein", test your courage at the 5 fingers:

and then continue to the cottage.
I'm very much looking forward to your pictures!!


Dear whiessl,
today I want to recommend the Laudachsee near Gmunden to you and your girlfriend.

Well, I'm afraid you already know, right?


For those who do not know:

Very interesting
I have been in Gmunden quite often, but I have never been at this lake.

Next time when We are there we try to get to this nice small lake.
Thanks a lot!!

I can see that you are an adventurer lover like me. Would love to acquaint with you. Kindly follow back. Thanks

Good to have you here.
Looking forward to the stories about your adventures!

the wonderful Austria cheek my content i always write about Austria and its wonderful places

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A friendly hello from the Southern Burgenland! Your post is 28 days old so I think you are right about to write another one... I was kept quite busy in the outer world these days... Now you came to my mind because you are one of the Austrian Steemians caring a lot about Austria's culture, nature and sights. Perhaps you haven't noticed ny challenge yet... Maybe you would like to join us and participate?
This is a personal invitation to you... :) I hope I will have more time for Steemit soon. It's so nice to have an intense exchange with our fellow Steemians and I miss it a lot. :)

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