I upvote your picture: Tuesday 9.1.2018: Share your personal pictures of Austria and bordering states

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My challenge to you:
Comment this post with a picture!
Give me self made pictures from Austria and I will upvote them with 100%.
Give me a picture of a bordering state of Austria and I will upvote it with 50%.

Why am I doing that?
Because I love traveling and nearly every second weekend I'm doing a trip with my girlfriend.
Meanwhile it's getting a bit hard to find new targets, not too far away.
So I'm looking for your input and a picture is a wonderful possibility to show what you already experienced.

Let me start myself:
In the middle of nowhere in upper Austria, close to Schwanenstadt, you can find a place where the river "Traun" is falling down about 12 metres. Even if it's not as huge as Niagara falls and most of the water is used to produce electricity, it's still a wonderful and spectacular place to see.
I'm really wondering, why it's not so touristic till now.

As a picture from a boardering country, I want to show you the beautiful town of Cesky Krumlov (Krumau) today.
It's a small town very close to the Austrian border. Very beautiful with the river Vltava (Moldau) flowing around the inner city and a perfect castle on top of a rock nearby. Definitely recommendable for a visit!!!
2015-07-19 11.27.41.jpg

I'm very much looking forward to your pictures and hope to get a lot of response.
Have a wonderful day!


Hy @whiessl,

Hope you like it. :D
View from my office in the middle of vienna. View towards "Praterstern" from the 5th floor.
The square reflections are from the window. :)

(by @kissi - over the roofs of vienna ©)

Not a bad place to work
I'm a bit jealous :)

You do not need! Unfortunately I do not spend most of my time in front of the window.
currently it is also very foggy and you hardly see anything. :)

but I agree with you, there are worse places to work. ;)

Awesome! Love the naturalistic view, and the setting sun. Cool. Kindly follow back @kissi

Happy you like it. :D
Thank you for your comment. :)

Just one tipp :) - if the post or comment ist older than 7 days, the upvote no longer benefits to anyone. Be sure to use the upvote function only for posts that are less than 7 days old. :)
But i think every steemit user is happy when you leave a comment on an older Post.

Maybe you want to read a little bit more? :)

Happy steem on! :)

Spontaneously... my hometown Hermagor in Carinthia. The whole region is absolutely worth visiting in all seasons.



Seems to be a really nice place!
The very south of Austria is one of the things I missed to see till now.
Thank you Martina!
Always pleased to see your posts.

Here you go, a picture from the beautiful town of Hallstatt: 2016-10-30,14-47-47.jpg

What a picture.
Totally professional one.
I love the reflections at the lake!!

Das habe ich leider versäumt :(
Haette ich gerne mitgemacht

Du kannst gerne noch mitmachen :)

I should not die without seeing it here.

Nice scenery.... beautiful landscape. This is amazing.

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