I upvote your picture: Sunday 14.1.2018: Share your personal pictures of Austria and bordering states

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My challenge to you:
Comment this post with a picture!
Give me self made pictures from Austria and I will upvote them with 100%.
Give me a picture of a bordering state of Austria and I will upvote it with 50%.

Why am I doing that?
Because I love traveling and nearly every second weekend I'm doing a trip with my girlfriend.
Meanwhile it's getting a bit hard to find new targets, not too far away.
So I'm looking for your input and a picture is a wonderful possibility to show what you already experienced.

Let me start myself:
The place I want to show you today is the Abbey of Melk.
You already see it from far away, cause it's such a huge building.
To give you an impression of that, I show you a picture from Wikipedia as I don't have a picture from further away to see it all
It's possible to go inside and see very different things.
There is a museum with lots of old stuff, a huge library that was something like my personal highlight IMG_5835.JPG
and of course the center of it all, the church itself.
Everywhere is gold and these beautiful paintings on the sailing. Very impressive.

I'm very much looking forward to your pictures and the places you want to show me.
Hope to get a lot of response.
Have a wonderful day!


The City of Salzburg, August 2017

Very nice one.
Bit different angle than you are used to see it from the inner city.

Dear whiessl!
Have you and your girlfriend been to Oberkappel and the Rannasee?



There you will find a beautiful landscape for your next trip.
Greetings from Upper Austria

Thanks a lot for your recommendation.
I have been there once for a bike tour, but I didn't have so much time to have a look around.
Seems like a good place to take a walk and relax a bit.

This time the Castle Burg Güssing in the southern Burgenland, Austria. It is worth seeing and you have a wonderful view. Summer festivals and a nice restaurant.





Greetings from the district of Güssing! :)

Hi Martina
Once again s wonderful idea for a trip.
Already told my girlfriend that we have to go to southern Austria.

Wien: Blick vom 57. Stock des DC-Towers auf die UNO-City und stadtauswärts auf die Alte Donau

Wow, was für ein Ausblick.
Und das auch noch bei perfektem Wetter wies ausschaut.
Danke für das schöne Bild

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