Revisiting the Land of lakes - Nainital

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Hey All, after a week’s wait, it’s time for another tour of Nainital. Excited? I am equally eager to share. Hope you all liked my previous post. You can also catch it here again-

Let’s gear up to explore further -

Eco cave Gardens-

This was an interesting place to visit, adventurous and full of fun. The caves are lighted with petroleum lamps, you will feel the chill as soon as you enter the first cave- Tiger cave. Not to worry, the chill is because of the cold wind and not the actual Tiger. There are caves built in different dimensions which you need to pass by crawling or at times climbing.
After this workout, sip your coffee, enjoy and relax amidst the nature while giving absolute joy to your senses.

Eco Caves.jpeg
The caves were too relaxing to leave!!

Eco Caves_1.jpeg
Inside the Tiger cave- What if there is an encounter with a real Tiger!! :P Just Kidding, Go ahead.

Eco caves_@.jpeg
All the caves conquered!! Many people backed out, we did it, Victory sign justified!!

Eco caves_3.jpeg
Sit Back and relax the surroundings!!

Naina Devi Temple –

You cannot miss visiting Naina Devi temple that rests on the banks of Naini Lake. It is believed by the locals that Goddess Sati’s eyes fell at the same spot where this temple stands. Situated at the top of Naina Hill, the temple attracts a great number of devotees. This temple is a small slice of heaven in the midst of lush green surroundings.

Naina Devi Temple.jpeg
Evening view from the Naina Devi Temple,Surreal!!

Naina Devi temple_1.jpeg
A must Visit- Naina Devi Temple

Snow View Point-

At the Snow Viewpoint, be ready to get the mesmerizing viewpoint of the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayan range that will leave you spellbound. A peace seekers’ paradise, the peak is well connected by motorable roads. Tempted much? Some people also opt to trek to the point while enjoying the views of snow-capped hills of Nanda Kot and Nanda Devi. Maggi noodles lovers will love this place as the joy of digging in a hot bowl of spicy noodles cannot be described.

Snow Point_1.jpeg
We could not capture the snow- covered peaks because of the hazy weather but we could not take our eyes off from this view!! On our way back from the Snow View point.

Snow Point_Maggi.jpeg
Nothing can match the joy of slurping on your favourite Maggi Noodles at Hill stations. P.C- Dearest Husband- Saurabh, thank you for capturing the exact emotions!! 😊

Nainital evenings-

Evenings in Nainital are all about relaxing, relishing food, enjoying some great views. You can easily get lost there with so much to do. Even a casual stroll sipping on your hot coffee will be calming, that is the beauty of the place.

Nainital evenings.jpeg


To avoid the rush and to fully get absorbed in the nature’s lap, we opted to do boating at the Naini lake in the evening around 6 PM. Since this is the closing hour, the boat riders will not rush in completing the round to get their next customers, so purchase your tickets, sit back and just breathe in the fresh air and get a complete view of the city.

Boating 1.jpeg
All set for the Boat Ride on a windy evening!!

Breathing in some fresh air, want to soak it all in!!

For those who are craving for some adrenaline rush, experience the sail Boat. This will satisfy the adventure in you for sure. The yachts ride depends on the wind speed and we were lucky to have a windy weather during our ride. I got really scared but yes it was real fun. The boatman was trained and experienced so nothing to worry about. Charges are INR 500 per yacht for two people along with a sailor.

Sail Boat.jpeg

Sail Boat_1.jpeg

Nainital Boat House club-

Have a drink with a breath-taking view of the lake, some nice music and delectable food. This place takes the onus of the management of the yachts and offers services to its members. However, non-members can pay for a day membership and enjoy the club amenities.

Mall Road-

Our accommodation had a walkable distance that allowed us with the ease to visit the Mall road at our convenience. The Mall Road is a shopaholic’s and a foodie’s paradise and one could stroll here for hours. The road is loaded with street shops selling the beautiful candles which Nainital is famous for, shopping centres for apparels, gifts and mementos, banks, hotels and lodges and restaurants. Take a nice leisure walk in the evenings on the windy road alongside the magnificent Naini lake looking by the locals singing and alluring caffeine aromas. It leaves a promise to return before you leave!!

Our trip got extended from a day as we wanted to soak it all in. For Saurabh and me, it isn’t so much about ticking off all the popular touristy spots, rather it’s about living the place, walking in those natural surroundings overlooking the cosy nooks and corners and gazing the sky that changes its colour every hour.
So, pack your bags this season and head to this hill station and bear in mind that you need to keep some time to absorb all that Nainital is all about. Here your quest for fun, adventure, peace and relaxation will definitely find a blissful end.

Back Home.jpeg
Here we are heading back home all recharged to get back to work, all smiles for the camera.

If you need any kind of assistance in planning your trip, I will be more than happy to help. Just connect with me and you shall have your answers.

Happy Reading and Thank you for stopping by!!

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OH YOU GUYS HAVE SUCH COOL SELFIES hha and it looks like a fun day :DD have an awesome day, greetings 😊😊

Yes, it was a trip filled with fun. Thank you so much. Do go through my previous post too on this place, you will find the link above. Stay tuned..😊

Following you to stay tuned with your amazing work..,😊

Thank you very much my beautiful friend 💐💐💐💐

  • keep posting :DD

Definitely.. ❤️❤️

Perfect looking couple MASSALLAH, you said you'll be consistent from now, but you are not :/

Thank you so much for your gestures, glad to connect with you. I will be, writing good posts take time but I assure I will always stay connected..😊

keep writing :)

For sure.. Folks like you are required for continuous motivation..thanks.

A perfect holiday destination Nainital, Glad to see you both are enjoy it the best way possible. I wish you both a very happy full life :)

Thank you so much.. you too have an amazing week ahead.. stay connected..😊

:) staying connected :)

My pleasure.. following you to stay tuned to your work too..😊

Nainital is such a beautiful place. I like to visit such type of peaceful places. Seems you had a great journey. All clicks are nice you both look so beautiful.

Hey so good to hear from you, long time.. how have you been? Yes, its a lovely place. Thank you so much. Stay tuned..😊

I am good. Nowadays I am busy with my studies. Hope your are enjoying your trip. Thanks

Ohh lovely, good luck with your studies.. Take care..😊

Thanks a lot. Take care....

A very beautiful pictures of a very beautiful city From india :) Thank you For showing us the wonders.

My pleasure, thank you so much. I am glad to connect with you. Following you to see some beautiful glimpses of Pakistan..😊

well appreciated :)
If you want to see some beautiful glimpses of PAKISTAN, You can also follow @aliraxa, he loves traveling, and you can see that from his blog.
he is my best friend and i introduced him to the steemit.

Ohh wow, I would love to follow. Thanks for sharing. Stay tuned..😊

your welcome miss :)


wonderful place to go ona trip to. really liked the beautiful lakes and the lightning city

Thank you so much. Yes, it was really wonderful. 😊

Wow, these are wonderful places.
I like your photos.
Holidays make the mind so calm and fresh and reduce stress.
Have a good day @weavingwords

Thank you so much, you too have a great day. 😊

Awesome photography & description.

Sounds like you are a professional tour planner and promoting this place 😉.

That 500/- yacht rate sounds steep to me. In my city, you can ride a speed boat in less than that amount.

And btw, are left-handed driving vehicles legal in India?

What a fun filled excursion! To explore different places of nature is a good way to cherish. I am sure you had really enjoyed your trip.!

Indeed.. Nature's therapy is the best..😊 Thank you so much.. Following you to stay tuned..

The walk was fantastic apparently, the company, the views, the places themselves. Visiting the caves should be another level, although I suppose there is a lot of care when climbing and not slipping, among other things.

Yes, very much. One really needs to take care while trekking or inside the caves, but it's all worth it in the end. 😊

good photography

Thank you..😊

a fun and fun trip with your partner.
everyone wants a trip with their partner.
I like what you describe.
Thanks @weavingwords

Yes absolutely.. thank u so much..😊

You are welcome

Wow a wonderful journey, I can see it was a great fun. Liked your pictures and the story too. You are a great writer! Keep it up. :)

I am posting quotes, have a look at my profile! Thanks

Thank you so much for your words, I am glad..😊 Sure, would love to see. Following you to stay tuned to your lovely work too..

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Great fun, adventure in the wild with amazing scenery.
Enjoy your trip, have a nice day @weavingwords

Thank you so much.. stay tuned..😊

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Wow wow wow, what a beautiful capture, can't take my eyes off. Thanks for sharing.. A delight to see..😊

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Nice photos and write-up. I visited Nainital a few years back with my family and it was a great experience for us all. I guess, we did not try the Eco cave Gardens as we had small kids with us. Other then that, most of the places mentioned by you ring a bell for me. I am revisiting some good old memories. Thanks.

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Travel experiences are always awesome!!! Travel is the new style statement these days. Loved the pictures you shared. Much Love<3

Indeed, awesome. My best teacher is Travel. Thank you so much. Stay tuned.. ❤️

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