Going Local in Goa..😀

in travel •  last year 


Had this Amazing Goan Dessert - Bebinca. It's an Indo-portuguese dessert, a goey cake or to say a layered pudding served usually with coconut/vanilla ice-cream. A must-try when you are in Goa.

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Yes indeed..😀

Welcome back after so many days :P
Like Sidhu comes to Pakistan, you want me to come to India to have this delicious dessert :P

Thank you. Whenever you plan to come and happen to visit Goa, you should try..😊

Looks like Very yummmmm yummmmmmmmm.

Do try if you happen to visit Goa..😊

Very tasty... Usually eat a lot when the christian community gifts us during Christmas..!!!

Ohh yes, I tried it for the first time when I was in Goa last week. It was delicious. 😊

It looks so yummy. Will try this whenever I plan for goa.

It's a must try when you visit Goa..😊

Goa is so beautiful city in india.such a great photography.very delicious food.foods looks so yummy.