Classic campervan fans cover over 12,500 miles to realise their dream!

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From Malaysia to Germany: conventional VW campervan fans take a trip 12,500 miles to please a life time goal

5 classic VW fans activated on the journey of a life time from Kuala Lumpar, checking out the Volkswagen Commercial Cars assembly plant in Hannover.

After taking a trip for 3 months, the traditional campervan and Beetle owners Cliften Nathaniel (T2), Terence Moses (T1), Stephen Pang (T1), Monica Xavier and Udhaya Kumar (Beetle), got a warm welcome by Friedrich Mattiszik at the production site and were invited to bring their classic lorries into the factory halls where they observed production of the existing T-Series design.

"We understand that we have Bulli fans around the world. However to see them take a trip to us from such a range in their traditional lorries-- we have actually never ever experienced this previously. It is an honour for us to reveal our plant to these globe-trotting fans. This is, so to speak, the birth place of the large bulk of T-series lorries," says Friedrich.

The path in the classic campervans (2 from design year 1967, one from 1978) travelled through Thailand, Laos, China, Russia and Europe. Terence Moses commented that "Bullis are simply indestructible. When they do need repair work, we can generally handle it ourselves." To ensure this was possible, they had tires, replacement parts and tool sets eyelashed to their completely laden roofing system rails, in addition to lots of pieces of luggage.

Another stress for the Malaysian traditional campervan owners was their weekend see to the Volkswagen vintage fulfill in Hessisch-Oldendorf (Lower Saxony). Around 45,000 fans attended this celebration to appreciate 900 autos from 28 countries, including from Malaysia. For the fans, it goes without mentioning that standard campervans are a lot more than just vehicles: art works and love, and an expression of a whole way of life.

After their drop in Lower Saxony, the traditional campervan fans require to the street as soon as once again to go to countries consisting of Belgium, France and Scandinavia as part of their objective. They are going to orphanages in different nations and participating in a range of charitable occasions for their #Live 2drive campaign. After taking a trip an overall of 50,000 kilometres (over 31,000 miles), the journey with their classic trucks surfaces back in Malaysia.

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