The Wall Asisi Panorama

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Source: TripAdvisor

On our first day of travel in Berlin, we found this huge cylindrical shaped structure with a huge text that read "The Berlin Wall - See it here".

We didn't know what it was and were quite curious to see what it was so we decided and got a ticket.

We expected to watch a documentary on a big screen according to what the guy at the counter informed us.

But it was more like a huge screen with a picture or art of Berlin wall showing both sides of the wall.

Here's a Panorama I shot:
I had to cut it in halves to be able to upload it on steemit. Any ideas how the whole thing can be uploaded as a full panorama shot?



This is a panorama from the hallway as soon as you enter.
There were lots of images and videos on television showing history of the wall.



Stay tuned!

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Wow! Berlin is really amazing. Enjoy it at its best friend...

stay well and keep posting.

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