Creation Vs. Evolution. How did we get here?

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The question of origin is one that has persisted over the years. There are different religious books justifying the presence of a creator. On the other hand, scientists have consistently discovered evidence they consider to be proof of an elaborate evolution process.

This post is by no way meant to support one against the other. The other day I visited a World Heritage UNESCO site in Kenya. BTW, Turkana in Kenya is considered to be the cradle of mankind.

The Turkana one, however, is a story for another day.

At Kariandusi, they have skulls of man from over 5 million years ago. Here we go >>

At this point, humans had no brains hence the lack of detail on the skull below. There were little or no differences between humans and animals at that point

Over time, the human brain has continued to grow. This is illustrated using the pictures below. These have descriptions, and I don't think I'll add value by adding more context or content.

Below is how they imagine human used to live, based on the evidence they've collected over the years:

The tools used at certain points of existence have also been used as the basis to justify the evolution theory.

I know it matters how we got here. Or maybe it doesn't. While that may not be clear, we are here now.

There is barely anything in this world that is black and white. Instead of being caught up in the maze, it is imperative to create your ideal world. There, you can live without an iota of worry; create your own happiness.

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