#3 Travel to Mardin(Peace City) in Turkey

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Peace City 'Mardin'

Mardin has a variety of religious artifacts, such as glass, churches, monasteries and other religious artifacts, which are worthy of historical value in line with different religious beliefs. 

Mardin is on the route of Silk Road, there are five inns on the eastern side and a caravanserai. There are different stories about the name of Mardin. The word is said to be Persian, Greek, Arabic and Syriac. Terrestrial climate characteristics are seen throughout the city. The winter months are cold. because the summer from the south under the influence of the differentiated populations in arid desert climate with one of geçer.türkiye yl. Kurds, Christian Assyrians, Sunni Arabs, Turks, Yezidi-Kurds and Armenians live. Over time Syriac and Yazidian population has decreased due to immigration. Lebanon's capital, Beirut, has a small number of Syrians living in Mardin and Midyat.

Government House


Among the rivers of the Euphrates and Dicle, Mesopotamia has settled many civilizations throughout history. Mardin is one of the oldest cities of Upper Mesopotamia, founded on a mountain top. Mardin, which is a settlement in classical sense starting from 4500 BC, is the place of Aramaic Syriac. Arami / Syriac Subari is an important open-air museum that can blend many things related to the period of the Ottoman period, such as Sumerian, Akad, Babylon, Mitrani, Assyrian, Persian, Byzantine, Arabian, Seljuk, Artuklu and Ottoman period.

Grand Mosque


Mardin in the Upper Mesopotamian basin of the Southeastern Anatolian Region is surrounded by Syria in the south, Sirnak and Siirt in the east, Diyarbakir and Batman in the north, and Şanlıurfa in the north.

Mardin mountains, Mazıdağı, Derik, Midyat, Savur and Nusaybin in the high parts of the high-cut, oak trees are found in the community. The climate has the common features of Mediterranean climate and continental climate. The summers are very hot and arid, and the winters are rainy and cold.

Mardin Museum

What to eat?

Mardin has very special regional dishes. Especially kibbe, çiğ köfte, keşkek, zerde, walnut sausage, halwa varieties, can taste walnut sweeties.

What to buy?

Mardin's famous silver wire can be processed.



Chain Madras

The Sultan Jesus Medrese, also known as the Chain Military School, was built in 1385 by Melik Necmettin Isa bin Muzaffer Davud bin El Melik Saleh who was the Sultan of Artuklu.

Şeyh Çabuk Mosque

It is reported that the tomb of Abdullah bin Enes El Cüheyni, the companion of the Prophet's master, is located in Mardin Sheikh Rapid Mosque. They die when they arrive in Mardin and they are buried in the inside of this glass, which is called by name. It is known as Sheikh Çabuk Mosque, in the name of the turban and the mosque.

It is reported that the tomb of Abdullah bin Enes El Cüheyni, the companion of the Prophet's master, is located in Mardin Sheikh Rapid Mosque. They die when they arrive in Mardin and they are buried in the inside of this glass, which is called by name. It is known as Sheikh Çabuk Mosque, in the name of the turban and the mosque.

Other places to be seen in the center are: Sehidiye Madrasa, Sitti Radviyye Madrasa (Hatuniye Madrasah), Mardin Sabancı City Museum, Revaklı Bazaar (Sipahiler Bazaar-Callalls Bazaar), Hz. Ali's milk brother, Muhammed Zurrar Mosque and Tomb, Melik Mahmud Mosque, Mardin Museum, Kırklar Church (Mor Behnam and his sister Saro Church), Surur Khan Caravanserai, Kayseriye Bedesten, Kasımiye Medresesi, Gazipaşa Elementary School, Firdevs Mansion, Emüniddin Külliyesi , Abdüllatif Mosque (Latifiye Mosque), Savurkapı Hamami (Bab es-Sur)


Hatuniye Madrasah

Kırklar Church

Sabancı City Museum

Kasımiye Madrasah

When the son of the Akkoyunlu Cihangir, Kasım Kasım, is appointed to Mardin, a frenzied activity begins to repair the city. This multi-purpose medresa, which crowned this self-sacrificing work and was able to stand up to its day-to-day perfect structure, was built (1469). The mosque, with its trompe-domed porticoes with tugged vaulted porticoes and deep vaults to the sides, is connected to the middle pool in the selsebilen canals of the big eaves of the portico. Two terraces on the two-storey madrasa, mosque and tomb with the shape of the complex.

Deyrul Zafaran Monastery

The Deyrulzafaran Monastery, built in the 5th century after Jesus, is one of the most important centers of the Syriac Church, besides its magnificent architecture. For 640 years until 1932, the place of residence of Syriac Orthodox patriarchs. The monastery, 4 km east of Mardin, is a cute mountain hill, where the Mardin plain is dominant. The monastery, which consists of three cattles, dates back to the 18th century, with the additions made at different times starting from the 5th century. Despite the additions made at different times, the monastery was built in a single time, giving air to the building,

The monastery was built on a complex that used to be the Sun Temple and then the Romans fortress. As the Romans retreated from the region, Saint Shleyman converted the monastery into a monastery by bringing the bones of some saints here.

Dara Ruins

30 km south east of Mardin. It is in Oğuz Village in the distance. This is the most famous city of the old Mesopotamian region. The Dara City ruins are spread over a wide area of 8-10 km around the carved rocks. There are cave houses around here. Churches, palaces, bazaars and warehouses, dungeons, armaments and water are still visible in the city's remains. In addition, there are about 6-7 cave houses which are carved on the rocks around the village. Their history dates back to the Late Roman (Early Byzantine) period.

Here are the Donkeys which are the Staffed Donkeys of municipality for cleaning the narrow streets. :)

They can be retired :)

Nusaybin White Water

Purple Gabriel Monastery

And there are very beautiful places where i didn't remember their names. You should come there in a short time.

And Here is the Small introduction of 'Peace City Mardin'

Good Luck.


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