4 sisters go up the mountain picking myrtle fruits

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Hello everybody
Today, 4 of us were taken by the father to pick myrtle fruits in the mountains, to be experienced. So I went back and made this video.
There are many myrtle trees on the hill (I'm not sure if the word "myrtle" is correct, but I can't find the right word. The scientific name is Rhodomyrtus tomentosa) , The fruit is also very much but the fruit is still much greener than the ripe fruit.
The mountain is very high but luckily my father carried all 4 sisters to the top of the hill.

If you don't know about this tree and its fruit, you can watch the video and photos I posted below.

Here are the fourth very good verse of flowering myrtle that I know but not know the author.

Twenty years previously, at the age of twenty
I came back on the rose myrtle hill, writing Autumn I Sing of You
Twenty years later in my forty-year life
My heart was still attached to the fallen rose myrtle fruit.

Our achievements
And this is a tree and a fruit

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