"My trip to the island of margarita 3 part" The return home.

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"My trip to the island of margarita 3 part"

The return home.

Photo was taken with my mom's cell phone a Samsung S4, it was the wake that left the ship in the sea back.

I already published to them as it was all the Ida and My stay in daisy and now I publish to them as it was the return of all to our houses.

"My trip to the island of margarita 3 part" The return home.

As everyone knows if they read the "2 part" they know that the day we left we woke up we had breakfast at the wonderful buffet and went for a while to the pool. Well after spending time in the pool the time flew away, the hustle and bustle started, everyone said they went to their rooms, packed up, to take a bath and get dressed because the day came to leave the hotel, everyone took notice and we stored our bags in the cars, we went to the buffet and it was 12 noon for lunch, but it turned out that there was a mishap and they opened very late and we had to wait while the adults were having drinks but then we decided it was time to go out and not eat there. but in the sambil.

Photo taken with the Samsung S4 cell phone in the Sambil before going to the Ferry

Then we went to the sambil when we got to the pharmacy to buy some snacks for the entire 4-hour trip in the "Great cacique express" in the mall all dispersed, we walked and no one had lunch alone my sister when they were already At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, my uncle called my father and told him that we had to go. We did not have time to eat. It was very fast. Everyone got into the cars and we went to the ferry terminal Punta de Piedra Nueva Esparta, the It took about 40 minutes, when we arrived we had to wait and wait and between the wait men went to a bakery to buy some cachitos (bread with ham and cheese inside), cheese bread and soda because there was nothing else food sale over there; We ate and finally the ferry arrived and we made the queue to get together but all sad and at the same time happy because we were going to our homes, but it was time to leave saying goodbye to such a beautiful island and say goodbye.

Here I am in a window resting a little. The trip was quiet the ferry totally different from the other practically everyone in their seats some were asleep and others watching a movie "Transformers" but we arrived at 9 at night they lowered the cars and all to say goodbye and go home.

We hope and wish to return soon.

This beautiful sunset gave us the farewell.

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que galattico me encanto no te lovides de darle like

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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