“My trip to the island of margarita 2 part”

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“My trip to the island of margarita 2 part”

Beach the water.

As everyone knows I already made a post of "my trip to the island of margarita 1 part" that was about how I went to the island of margarita, well here is the second part is going to be about my stay in margarita, to not extend so much I leave here everything that happened.

Trip to the island of margarita 2 part: The stay.

We arrived at 8:00 p.m. and it took about an hour to get down the three cars, everything was very dark by far, lights were visible and we went to the hotel, but it turns out that an uncle who had left a day earlier asked that we spent looking for the sambil (a shopping center that is located in various parts of Venezuela), finally when we went to look for one of the cars was turned off and did not want to turn on that hustle and bustle since it was 10 o'clock at night and we were already laughing of everything that had happened some had stayed with the car to fix it and the others we went to the Hotel Hesperia Playa El Agua and good we were left with only 2 cars to carry so many people and in passing one of the cars can not carry so much weight It's my uncle's car.

Getting off the ferry.

In my dad's car was my dad, my mom, my sister in the front and back was my grandmother, 2 aunts and a friend of the family and in the other car was an uncle driving, an aunt with my cousin who It is a baby, and back my 2 cousins ​​and I, and we all went to the hotel was far and everything dark when we arrived we checked in and they put some bracelets for children white and green adult ones to know that you are staying there; They also gave us some cards that are the keys to the room by the way it was already 11 at night and we had not had dinner and the hotel buffet had already closed only the bar was open and the adults ordered pina coladas.

Arriving to the hotel

This is the entrance to go to register the photo is moved by emotion.

My grandfather and uncle who had stayed with the bad car came by taxi because they could not fix it and left the car in the sambil. Everyone who went to take the bags to the rooms were all on the ground floor and in the same hallway and the men of the family went to a pizzeria to buy pizza and bring it to the hotel to eat, it was 12 o'clock at night we went to the rooms and really were beautiful and in the bathroom there was shampoo, bath gel, soap and moisturizer and also a hair dryer, waiting for the pizzas arrived my mom, my sister and I took a bath and put on our pajamas and everything that was already 1 in the morning and the pizzas arrived !!!!!!! We ate at that time all outside in a caney that has a bar but by the time it had already closed and if they do not know it at the hotel they were doing a rumba in the pool and it ended at 12 at night and we had not even slept, when we finished eating we went to the rooms and to the bed.
The next day we woke up at 6:30 a.m. Imagine if we went to bed at 2 in the morning we were going to stop late and to enjoy the day my mom put an alarm on getting ready to put on a bathing suit and all that was It was 7 o'clock in the morning and we went to look for my cousin in her room to go to breakfast on the way to the buffet. We started to enjoy the beautiful scenery all day and if you can see everything it was a beautiful day.

This is one of the hotel pools

When they arrived at the restaurant they were all kind and attentive, my grandfather and uncle were already there, they had to leave early to fix the car, there was a great variety of food that one stayed with the guaaauuuuuuu face we ate deliciously my parents allowed us to choose our breakfast what what we wanted to finish we went to take a tour of the entire hotel because it was quite large only us the others in their rooms even, after the beach you just walked in the back of the hotel and was "beach water". The most beautiful impossible sea, the transparent water, the white sand, everything clean there was entertainment and I won a prize that I had to look for in the night in the hotel theater. Throughout the morning the rest of the relatives were arriving at the beach until they were all together and they fixed the car thanks to God.

Walking towards the beach part of the hotel.

My little sister my cousin and I.

This photo I liked a lot there I am contemplating the sea

Enjoying the sea

This picture I liked a lot and my dad too, he made a post with her I asked permission to use it in my post.

In this pool we pass the time before going to dress, to go out to Sambil

At 1 in the afternoon we went to the buffet to have lunch and again the variety of food after eating deliciously went to the pool to hang out and at the end of the afternoon to the rooms to bathe and get dressed to go to the center sambil commercial and as it is very large we did not see everything hehehe, but if we saw some shops, some fish and we also went to still life (a supermarket but it was separated by areas such as pharmacy, bakery).

Ready to go.

Here also ready to go out to Sambil

Here we are already in the sambil.

We had an invitation to dinner at a Mexican restaurant "La Tequila" and there we ate delicious and there was also an electrical device called machometro where they measure how much strength you have and I just missed 2 lines to win gave me current was fun; then to the hotel to look for my prize, after we arrived at the room to sleep it was almost 11 o'clock at night. Next day again breakfast at the buffet and pool for a while because we could be at the hotel only until 1:00 p.m. and then leave, it is the part that I do not like.

These are the fish that were very fat and very large.

Entrance of La Tequila restaurant.

These two photos are also at the entrance of La Tequila restaurant

Oh I forgot to take all the cocadas I wanted.

If you want to know what happened next, wait for my next post.

All the photos were taken with my mom's cell phone, a Samsung S4 and my dad helped me with just mounting the post.

I hope you can follow me and vote for me.

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