Motorcycle travel series by @velimir 'Zagorje' (Part #170)

in travel •  11 months ago

There is something magical about roaming a place like this one. The pleasure of discovering every new thing somehow binds my childish curiosity with the grown up's need for exploring. Or is it the other way around? :-) A row of stairs takes me to the first floor. Here is a way better view to the backyard. We can see the green countryside in the background.

In the tower, there is another work of art which I don't find too appealing. Well, I can skip one, too, right? So, just a quick photo of that dark lump of wood and let's roam further. :D

Ah, so this is how the rifle holes look from the inside!

I am curious to find out what is hidden behind this thigh-high iron door? Nobody is looking, I carefully open it. Well, nothing much there, it is only a small maintenance place. It would be interesting to find out if it was originally having some other purpose...

An old message, written in Latin, on a giant piece of stone. This looks like it was made in the times of the original fortress back in 12th century. So much history in these areas. Makes one want to know more.

Enjoy your day! :-)

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It's a very nice place at daytime. Isn't it creepy at night?


might be ;)

To wander back into history, is a wonderful privilege. One can almost feel the antiquity, and sometimes, when you have a real good imagination, you can faintly make out the people that lived there...


huh I tried to upvote you 6 times before it worked :D lol

It's a natural and interesting for me to driving bike, an awesome enjoyment. @velimir

i think you should write story below the photos because it is interesting to know about the picture after you saw the picture. when i scroll down the text comes first and photo comes later. It is just my opinion, this does not mean you are not doing good....its just advice always you are good author

Light coming from rifle hole looks amazing right...
Can anybody translate Latin here??

I read your post for two reason
1)i want to be a good writer
2)to see original work
as always your this work is also excellent

thanks for sharing. I take my scooter out for long rides every now and then to clear my head.

Wow outstanding photography
I really like this post
Wish you all the best
Happy journey @velimir

Nice post brova, keep up the good work, resteemed and upvoted.

There's something in places like this that are fascinating and at the same time eerie. You know what I mean! :-O

The backyard view is beautiful.. :)

important writing .. thanks for sharing

Nice looking place. I'm envious of your travels.

Thanks @velimir for shared Part #170

I am motorcycle crazy

This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing @velimir

Ï love this photos that you share. I'm with you on this journey.

Nice pics 😎

Amazing brader.
your post makes me very fond of him thanks friends have shared it

i am really fascinated with your blogs.. i find it also amazing that you always get huge earning for each post you submit..

i hope to get to that same level too!

salute to you!

Excellent post. I like to read. I am following. Please follow me. Sweetheart