Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Wheel of Conformity' (Part #256)

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'Wheel of Conformity'


The sound of flowing water grabs my attention. I walk to the point of origin and see this bridge over the cold water. I like to hear that sound. Interesting how one would think that it might become irritating after a while but, on the contrary, the longer I listen to it, the more relaxing it becomes.

It may be that the sounds of nature are so deeply rooted in us that we can never accept them as something irritating. Same thing with the sea. Sitting on a rocky beach and listening to the sound of waves breaking one by one can induce really pleasant states of mind. But, I'm not on the beach! :)

I distinguish another sound from the pleasant noise. The wheel turns as the tired planks creak a bit. The water splashes and the cycle repeats. The neverending cycle of going around and around. It can relate to some lifestyles. Don't think many people mind going in circles as long as it feels alright. Conformity prevails over life.

I think its a mind game. At some point, people start believing in the story of a safe life. They obediently serve the masters by completing circles, exchanging the time they were given, for a promise of better paid tomorrow. They assure and reassure themselves countless times that an unwelcome surprise can never happen and then they lose their jobs. With that, all the illusion is gone in one short moment. Some figure out that the life is to be lived and change their priorities, some run to quickly find another master because they feel worthless outside of the matrix of the illusion.

It is all up to a person. It doesn't take much to say no and find an alternative meaning. A chair doesn't need to be a chair. It can be a vessel, a shelter, a climbing rig. Watch children when they play. Their minds are not polluted by constant brainwashing and they often see things from more interesting perspectives. But then again, aren't we all children playing with our toys? :D

Enjoy your day. :-)

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Some day I wanna join you.I just love your post,it looks like that you are on a big vacation. One thing left for you is finding the beauty of nature riding on a cool bike.The way you describe your journey it make me feels like I am traveling with you.Every time I read your post it refreshed my mind.The photos also described the beauty of true nature.Thanks for sharing such nice experience. @upvoted

Thank you for following all the time! :)
Nothing makes me happier than seeing people appreciate it!

It makes me even happier when a man of your caliber reply and upvote my comment.Thank's a lot to @velimir sir.

Yes, I totally agree with you, he is good at what he does and I really want to learn more from you@velimir

Last night I watched an interesting film "awakening". Your words reminded me of one of the fragments. Have you heard of Plato's cave? This is a well-known allegory, which is true at all times of human existence.
The essence is ... There was a cave and there were prisoners in it. They saw nothing but shadows cast by the people passing them. Over time, these prisoners were sure that what they see is the truth. When they were told that what they see is just a projection of the real world and shadows - these people did not agree with this. They believed that they are not slaves and see the reality.
This is something reminiscent of a committed people. They find in constant haste. They do not enjoy life and strive for unattainable ideals that they impose on them. That is, many in fact are slaves of the so-called system or matrix. In particular, each person is one little cog in a huge gear. If the screw stops working - it is changed to another one. A large system does not care about individual gears.
But even if to tell them about this no one will take this seriously. Just because people are in the so-called "comfort zone". The state machine of propaganda is called upon to impose non-existent ideals and values.
A good continuation of yesterday's visit to this wonderful place. Thank you

I really like that picture of your bike. The snow and the light really add something. Beautiful. I often park, walk away, then turn around just to look at my bike. I'm guessing you do too.

That wheel intrigues me. It's a fully engineered piece, with curved paddles and it's own race. I wonder about the bearings and what it drives.

I don't go much in circles, or at least not always clockwise. I'm just as liable to go bottom to top as the other way round.

I do love the sound. I can almost hear it sitting here. Thank you.

Sound of flowing water is absolutely fantastic and when you have a cup of coffee too then you can say you are in heaven.

I really want your motorcycle Because I am jealous. I really want to live life same like you. But not happening good in my life.

I wish i could follow your path someday. Love you @velimir

Brother, it is all in our minds. You can do whatever you want, really! Trust me! :)

The life of this world is divided, jokes, luxuriant, and exchanging money and scapegoat among you, Like rain watering the earth, the plants become lush green, amazed the peasants.Then the plant dries up, appears yellow, then becomes brittle and in the Hereafter, there is a heavy punishment for those who embrace the glamor of the world, but there is forgiveness and the pleasure of God for those who want to repent. Thus the life of this world is nothing but fun.

Well listening to the sound of water become more enjoying when no one there to disturb you, you kept listening to it, no one there stop, you start feeling more comfortable and more relaxing. Thanks for sharing such beautiful beautiful images. I am felling like i am sitting there and feeling the calmness of this place.

True that! Glad I could transfer that feeling to you! :)

:) thank you for creating such creative content for all of us ;)

everyone has that sound that might be annoying to others but calms his mind and spirit.
It is true that in nature everything is in sync. When i travelled recently to Awe, Oyo state Nigeria, i encountered nature in sync like no other.

This particulatr place has not being touched by pollution and noise like in the big cities, there and then did i truly appreciate the beauty and sync which nature operates in.

Thanks for sharing this with us @velimir. I love the fact that you travel freel on your motorcycle and share it with us.

I always enjoy Your Motorcycle Travel Series photography. In Your fascinating word with beautiful photography I get taste of visiting in my dream from my heart. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

Thank you! :)

Who doesn't like the sounds coming from water and the scent of soil after the first rain of the season,it's just a natural melodies that let us forget our agonies.

Very true that!

@velimir Best series of writing among all series of Steemit.
thanks you.gif

thank you, man. I seriously appreciate this! :)

@velimir You are most welcome. :)

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