Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Wandering Around' (Part #276)

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'Wandering Around'


I aimlessly walk the little streets. What will I find? So far the souvenir shops catch my attention. It seems most of the items for sale are indeed genuine. Some places the only thing one can buy is tons of plastic junk imports from the east. Such a waste of fuel shipping all of that useless things over. Luckily, what I see here does not fit into that category. Nice.

This is a women fashion custom clothing shop. Get in and get out with an evening dress. Or whatever your heart desires for the occasion. The place seems humble enough to carry some style. :D

'1749' is the year when this house was built. Old, eh? Most of the things in Europe are. Meanwhile, in US happy cowboys were killing the buffalos by mountain-loads to starve out the Natives and steal their land basically performing a wide-scale genocide of entire nations. Or did that take place a whole century later? Ah, also this is the year when slavery was established in Georgia, US. Just checked. Human rights the American way, eh? :D

This shop window's impressive exhibit reminds me that there is law and there is justice, which is more than often not the same. Not sure it is how it should be, but how else would lawyers make money if we had equal justice for all?

Weird little post but I like it. What is that hole in the wall to the right? Looks like a water drain. No idea. Walking and discovering things I'd never notice otherwise is such fun. I highly recommend it. :)

Enjoy your day! :-)

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Uggghh. By 1749 we were starting to think about throwing the bastards out. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" as it were. We were already fully involved in subjugating the indigenous and African population, though. It was most of 100 years later that the real slaughter started. I have a good friend that hosts a dinner every St. Patrick's day. The 'Custer had it coming' dinner.

I think the post is a hitching post from days gone by. First horse got the ball on top, the rest tied off to the chain.

Notice how I skipped the question of justice? Nobody else did...

I think I will enjoy my day. Thank you. Seriously, thank you.

hahahahahaha :D:D:D

Are you stuck in the job? A dead end when going to formulate presentation ideas? Unable to finish the cover section that has been done for days? If so, you can consider one thing: let's go for a walk.

This study shows that creativity is not merely the workings of the brain.

It merely relates it to the brain that makes sitting daydreaming for hours counted as a creative activity, looking for inspiration, exploring ideas. The above research shows that creativity can be turned on by moving the rest of the body, not just forcing the brain to throb in the head.

Creativity is not something delicate, intangible, and revelatory. Creativity may be something very real, real, that is connected to reality, related to reality. One of the realities is that man is bodied, bodies, because through the body man perceives and sniffs the world.

Walking is the way our body interacts with the world, with nature, with all reality. The body interacts with the moving air, with a buzzing sound, with the stinging smells of the nose.

Beautiful and very nice and beautiful photos I like you
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A lot of ancient buildings have been preserved in Europe. They are the decoration of European cities. It is surprising the quality of construction of similar houses. Centuries passed and they cost (taking into account the maintenance of the house and timely repairs). Some modern buildings can not boast of such resilience. Some new houses in my city are falling apart right before our eyes. I think that this is due to corruption in the construction of such houses.

It is interesting to watch when there are two houses. The first was built in the Soviet Union, and the second in an "independent" state. The Soviet house looked terrible, but it did not lose its strength (for so many years). A new house (10 years old) squinted aside. I had to carry out emergency work. In general, the time of building a house is a subjective assessment of quality.

This shop window's impressive exhibit reminds me that there is law and there is justice, which is more than often not the same. Not sure it is how it should be, but how else would lawyers make money if we had equal justice for all?

I agree. Law and justice are different sides of the same coin.

Have a nice day

what a beautifull place? you always selecting very nice place to travelling. Wandering Around really looks to attractive and pretty.i hope you enjoy your good time spending in this place. I really like the way how you bring up things that we often fail to notice and how you elaborate on certain things in a much deeper and creative way.good photo crearting to travel..very good job sir..@velimir

Some times you can find something which you like very much.Wandering aimlessly also can give you some special moment,like this one.I always try to follow your post.I like your travel diaries very much,whenever I read your post it gives me some special moment.Thanks for sharing.

I used to be a great fan of yours.But since I didnt come to steemit often I missed reading your beautiful posts about your travels and photo discussions.So here I am reading your post today.I really like the way how you bring up things that we often fail to notice and how you elaborate on certain things in a much deeper and creative way.Good job!!!!!! I am always a great fan of your work.Keep it up

The writers like you need the steemit community. By doing so you can succeed in providing us very good information. I am proud that I am part of this society. I read every article you need. And indeed I responded very much to you and your articles.

I know you can climb the highest mountains. Never lose faith in yourself. Good luck!

All the best for a bright future! May there be success at every turn of life and all your dreams come true!

Sometimes you fine the best things just by walking around towns. You definitely miss a lot if you are riding in a car or your bike. I love old towns like that.. There is so much history. It's kinda neat being in a place that is 100's of years old . You are always going cool places.. Thanks and keep up the good work!

i enjoyed the walk with you and got to see many beautiful things all thanks to you sir :)

Nice post! great photos! :)

Black shadows may have artistic meanings but are not good for some audiences

Hastag nya Mastah😥😥😥
Di tambahin Lagi Supaya lebih Gimana Gitu Kan kan..
Salam pemula,Vote And Follow @tommy123

Hola @velimir
Genial esta parte 276.
De verdad quedamos con la inquietud del hueco en la pared. ¿Como que tenemos tárea por hacer?
Saludos amigo

Excellent shot Motorcycle Travel velimir 'Wandering Around ! that is so beautiful Motorcycle Travel
photography ,, I appriciate with you,,Thanks for share with us

seems peaceful

I love to see and read and enjoy your post, very good your work.

perfect post

Good posting

Its very nice post i like it @velimir


also house is looking nice , How to cost build for the house??

I like that balance.
It was balanced perfectly and we should balance our life like this.
Balance in expenses.
Balance in our behavior to others.

If we keep that balance balanced, we will have a great life :)

how to make project in steemit? I also want to succeed like you are today :)

It's my dream to get around the world on the motorcycle. Im kind of jealous! Enjoy! :)

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wow that's a very amazing place
but I feel scared like there is a mystical power in that place 😶😐😐