Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Walking in Nature' (Part #444)

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'Walking in Nature'


Sometimes a simple walk can hide many pleasures. Especially if that walk is in a place, we're not used to, away from the city. Nature will always remain our most natural surrounding and we are to enjoy that fact. The scent, the trees, the sun and all other little things shape our mood, uplifting it.

This narrow path on a quite warm day is where I'm walking today. As you can see the branches are arched all over it, making it almost a sort of a tunnel.

The stones are to my right side.

Small patches of earth here and there.

A hidden path leading up to the hill, who knows where.

Trees are also hiding their secrets.

And to my left side is the sea. I cannot even start describing all the beautiful scents of the Mediterranean sea...

Who feels like a walk in nature, right now? :)

Enjoy your day! :)

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@velimir hi there, hope you recognise me! I am becoming a fan of your motorcycle travel series! U have clicked some awesome picture in this blog, specially the trees in with less highlight effects. I didn't recognise a thing that was at in the middle. Is it some kind of fruit ? I also posted a vlog in my channel about the city of joy, kolkata, India.. If u get time.. Plz visit. Stay well mate... Want more motorcycle travel stories and a special lambo episode in christmaas! 😎😉

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lol dude :D


I'm Serious 😂

wow,really very brilliant shots phptography of walking in nature..specially this road very beautifull and i am agree with your opinion.sometimes walking gives alots of pleasure in our life..its very good place for walking and spending better time of travelling..this sun light seeing this tress side..your capturing every pic very impressible...its looks like talented..thanks to sharing for your great travelling post..very well done..may god bless you. my dear friend.. @velimir

All things around us have beauty of nature..need to understand the reality..we just have to think for some moments then there will be a wonderful result before us when we realixe the beauty of nature.any thing created by nature including mountains,river,forest and every thing is perfect ...they,make us happy and overjoyed.

It is always good to have contact with nature, to breathe fresh air, to feel not only its smells, but also its sounds, @velimir! Because nature has sound! The birds, the crunch of the dry leaves, the sea that comes and goes. We are so accustomed to the bustle of cities, that sometimes we are unable to give value to landscapes like this. To walk, while you feel your heart beat and let in fresh air is to give pleasure not only to your senses, but also to your spirit. Nice day.

It is amazing everything that nature can offer, surely many people go through there and do not notice so much beauty and perfection, and you, always attentive to the small and beautiful things in your walk, I love that. The road with a kind of tunnel is a beauty, like the sea, the rocks and everything you show in each photo. Wonderful indeed.

Wonderful places for walk,Walk is more important for our health,your motorbike series and your photography always best,Tress looks so beautiful,Sunshine looks so amazing,your right side stones looks to good,natural beauty always wonderful,,and the other side sea looks so amazing,yeah you are right tress are hiding their secrets,this tress are so old,I always like your posts,thanks for sharing velimir,

I love it, the contact with nature is wonderful, you should enjoy it to the fullest and that is what you do, apparently. I love the kind of tunnel on the road, something impressive, the rocks, the earth and good, the sea, very beautiful everything there. Thanks for motivating us with this post, @velimir.

Nature is the most finest and a wonderful gift of the God. It gives inner peace and calmness to human brain. Whenever i feel sad or down I go to some green meadows or the river side to kill the worries of life. Believe you me this thing recharges me in an effective way.

I can relate your this wonderful walk to my life style. Thank you so much for sharing the lovely pictures of the nature Bro @velimir :)

There is literally nothing better than going for a peaceful walk in the woods near the city. I used to skateboard out into a particular path in the "city" I grew up in to get away and the sudden tranquility always amazed me. And the smell :)

There are some beautiful places and roads like this in Bangladesh too,if you wish to come anytime, you can knock me bro 🙂