Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Unnamed Red Dragon' (Part #323)

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'Unnamed Red Dragon'


When Bojan does something, it cannot be less than incredible. He's just finished building a new bike. This one is his. It is completely customized Harley Davidson Road Glide, with so many customizations that one would spend a day naming them. When in love with the machine, one cannot help putting all that love in it. The motorcycle is just wow. A very thin front wheel increases manoeuvrability and adds a little bit of the seventies touch to the whole creation.

The rear view mirrors are set under the handles. A very specific position. Looks intense. I wouldn't mind trying it out.

Pay attention to the custom painted red parts. They give an awesome feeling of riding a dragon. When I look at this, I cannot help to mention the fabulous design scheme. Touching this machine feels good on its own. :)

Simplified dashboard still contains everything needed for a trip into unknown.

The front mask and headlights bear an incredibly dangerous look full of attitude, enveloped in a mystery but still radiating trust.

Custom S&S pipes guarantee superb sound, one cannot imagine before hearing it. The roar is deep, reverberating and full of power. At the same time, it is not too loud, depending on the taste, of course.

Harley Davidson should be buying designs from Bojan on regular basis. What else can I say, except that I love it! :D

Enjoy your day! :-)

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It's not the first time you've shown us the work of Bojan. He is a man who has "golden hands". He creates works of art in moto-world. This can not but cause admiration and delight. His work is especially appreciated by people who are closely connected with motorcycles, who know what freedom is and who know why a dog pokes his head out of a car window.

Separate details deserve special attention. You said that it contains many functions about which you can tell all day. I see that this bike looks in the classic form of Harlequin but it is really multifunctional. Individual elements cause a desire to touch them. All this is brought to a beautiful form and complements each other. You can look at it for a very long time. In real life, it will cause silent delight and attract the views of passers-by. Good job!

Wow. Just wow. It's fing beautiful.

Your friend Bojan is a genius, everyplace I look is a 'touch' that doesn't stand out but adds to. It's just gorgeous.

I have had low mirrors on my last three road toads, and have gotten incredibly used to glancing down to look back. I think the position is vastly superior overall and that design is just killer. I'd love to take a turn on that bike. LOVE TO.

Thank you for an incredibly functional piece of art. Nicely done. You and Bojan.

really you selecting very perfect name of "red dragon"..this bike to see absolutely wonderfull..just excellent shots photography of your bike.. These motors are specially designed to provide comfort to their drivers, especially in long trips with relatively high speed. The body of a Harley Davidson motorcycle is relatively larger in general.Although it looks heavy, but the motor provides more stability when driving on the streets with high speed though. Ergonomic model between the seat, footsteps, and motor handlebar in ukurakan rupa not able to extend the time riding this bike on the street...thanks to sharing for your best selecting post of travelling.very well dear friend.. @velimir

Harley Davidson is one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

Harley Davidson motorcycles take pride in the United States. His typical style as a muscle motor became the idol of many people. In addition to the model or appearance, Harley Davidson motorcycle also has other advantages.

These motors are specially designed to provide comfort to their drivers, especially in long trips with relatively high speed. The body of a Harley Davidson motorcycle is relatively larger in general.

Although it looks heavy, but the motor provides more stability when driving on the streets with high speed though. Ergonomic model between the seat, footsteps, and motor handlebar in ukurakan rupa not able to extend the time riding this bike on the streets.

Wow!! Now that is one sweet looking bike!!! Makes me want to take up biking myself.There is nothing like the look of a Harley to inspire a motorcycle life.

This bike is amazing but best thing i liked about it.
it's front look was like monster, it remind me Hulkbuster from avenger movie. Long ride with this cool machine will be much fun !

Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive. When I ride through Beverly Hills in the early morning, and all the sprinklers have turned off, the scents that wash over me are just heavenly. Being House is like flying, too. You're free of the gravity of what people think.

Btw i also like to drive the motorcycle.
Your avenger is really great @velimir
Thanks or your post.

Your "Red Dragon" is awsome motorcycle travel series was amazing photography is very nice .

I resteem your post my blog .

Your post is always different i follow your blog and upvote everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @velimir

Follow my blog @powerupme

The race are strength mind sprite

aaarrrgghh the bike is a beautiful beast, just look how good it is looking, Bojans work is definately spectacular and if i were Harley Davidson , i will definitely be buying from Bojan everytime.

Touching this machine feels good on its own. :)

Even though i have not ridden a power bike before, this one is totally worth a try

Machine is so fit and energetic.I see the whole motorcycle but i like its dashboard very much bcz it work like a screen watching in to it and just taking joy from journey.

You named this bike to "Red Dragon" it matched with it's attitude. If someone take a look to this Red Dragon, it just showing it's attitude.Incredible bike, having a bike like this is paradise to every bike lover.
Thanks for your vehicle photography, i enjoyed your photography.


I totally agree with you. He is an incredible writer.

i love riding motorcycle

As usual your content is amazingly rich. One thing that always stands out are your pictures. Like some old mafia movies.

It's not a dragon man, It is beast!
not a bad beast but a good one,
The beast who has the quality to attract other,
I'm just fallen in love with it, in fact, every part of it.
The owner of this bike should be proud of what he has!
amazingly amazing.

What a lovely bike. Please do ride this bikevto my country.

Nigeria (African)

Harley Davidson

was dashing, stunning and amazing. After watching this awesome machine o fall in love with this. It's color designed, everything was cool.
As a bike lover @velimir Sir, thanks for share some wonderful photography of this legendary Bike.
Have a Good Day Sir : )

Wow!!. @velimir. El diseño es simplemente genial, me encanta, una vueltica en una de esta seria super. Excelente fotos

A remarkable concept @velimir 'Unnamed Red Dragon
An honor can continue part of the journey of your life @velimir

What's the meaning of a name ?

This is a reason for us to give a name that gives a sense of its own a very interesting thing for us to know that something extraordinary we get into something extraordinary and unfortunate to be able to give beauty and comfort to be the main thing in having something what we want
'Anonymous Red Dragon'

What is the quality of the most important thing?

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Is Color the most important thing?

To attract and and to a satisfaction to the person who will have it this becomes the main thing in the modification of paint that can color the beauty of life, and lifestyle for the owner.


The perfection of something that is most important in a human lifestyle

let's vote together @zuhrafriska

Very interesting!

your travels and destinations are always so cool, great post and pictures! 👍🏻 greetings

Splendid! What a good job, a professional friend.

I love motorcycles where this is a very beautiful design and borrow it and take a spin hahaha, it would be nice to see you riding this way, also very good angle in the photos since your technique is incredible, greetings.

Greetings, that beautiful bike reminds me of a similar one that my husband had, was smaller but very similar, also very well written child that great content seems a propaganda as it inspires emotion and adventure.

I rode motorcycles in Colombia, I want to learn to ride better and make a trip of it in Asia soon :)

What a beautiful motorcycle, just majestic as it looks like a wealthy person where this usually walks with this type of two-wheeled vehicle, I love motorcycles and I hope to have one day, in addition to well expressed photos with each text made me think in feeling the sensation have been used hahaha, greetings brother and good post.

@ calitoo

Harley Davidson😍😍
i wish i can drive at last one time😞😞

What an incredible piece of art. Not hard to fall in love