Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'The Stone Gate' (Part #277)

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'The Stone Gate'


The Upper Town was once upon a time a town of its own. It had several entrance gates and this is one of them. It was named Stone Gate and it remains so to the present day. There is tower above it, where an elitist fraternity has its headquarters.

The bottom part was converted into a place of worship a long time ago. People come to light the candles and thank for something that happened in their lives. Power of faith can make ordinary things look like miracles.

The walls are covered with thank you tablets. These are brought by people who are thankful for regaining health for themselves or members of their family. True or not, belief is a strong force that swings both ways.

The place is definitely interesting. People kneeling outside of the church is not seen very often. Hope their prayers get answered.

The candle wax is carefully gathered under the box to be reused. This raises the issue of the absurd amount of money the church is receiving from the government and still charging people money for all of their services, including funerals. People pay for everything here. Even for the recycled candles.

This sign says "It is prohibited to push carts through these gates, as well as ride a horse or drive cattle." But, don't believe everything you see. It is only a remake of an old sign that was hanging here ages ago. :D

Enjoy your day! :-)

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No one is capable, they are capable, capable and useful to accomplish things in everyday life. Success and success cause them to be arrogant and arrogant. They can earn money and abilities with their own ability.

They can do something with their money, abilities and abilities. They need no satisfactory help, not even those with God. But all that will change when they are confronted with something that can not be done with money, ability and ability himself.

When the ship that they were riding in swing and banged the waves and storms in the middle of the ocean. Because they exhausted them, they would tear down their garden gardens, transplant diseases that would never tire of their bodies, multiply disasters devastating all their businesses and businesses, make money, and make them unable to cure them. Begin them to look for a power that can save themselves.

Many despaired people, who start to look for power behind them, ask for something they consider strong, whether god, ancestor, paranormal, sacred or God. There is a powerful force that can make the sea air split, hot fires become cold, violent sea waves become calm, storms are terrible so silent, the disease that never healed instantly disappeared.

The tremendous power that can cause extraordinary things and is reached by the human mind and mind is the power of prayer that a servant of God commits. Whoever seriously uses the power of prayer, they are the lucky ones. Because the power of prayer is very powerful.

Well @velimir location of The Stone Gate seems very pleasant at very first sight and it attracted my attention to write for it. I do believe this place is holy for the people due to the bottom part of it that is converted into a place of worship and people offer their prayers there. As Karl Marx said, Religion is an opium of mass". In this context i am 100% agreed with your words my friend,

Power of faith can make ordinary things look like miracles.

Wonderful photography with eye catching editing and yes i am always a huge fan of your write up ;)

Stay Blessed :) :) :)

OMG I have been there! I now remember thanks to your post! When I visited Zagreb in 2007... Here are my pics:
Same place, right?

Excellent photography of historical place! Your description really impressed me. The stone gate and other photography with logical word carry good information about this place. @velimir, good job... keep it up your travel photography and excellent word.

Interesting images and informative commentary.

There are likely many financial abuses justly laid at a church organization’s door. However, the idea that charges to worshippers for recycled candles is something free for which the church charges is erroneous. They may collect the melted wax with no additional cost to themselves, but the recycled candles still cost for production – someone has to actually set up the collection of the wax, then gather that wax for processing; and, the processing of the melted wax and the forming of the recycled candles requires labor and organization/administration to produce; then, more labor and organization/administration is required to distribute the candles to the point of sale; and, don’t forget the costs of powering facilities where the candles are produced and the costs of the distribution methods. Nothing made by people is free to produce.

Hmmmm. Interesting conversion from a gate with free passage to a closed place of worship.

There is a Mission south of Tucson that has a chapel like the one you show. There are literally hundreds of candles burning at any given time. In the interest of fire safety you can only use the approved candles which are available at the conveniently located gift shop. Don't forget to buy the long matches to light your candle with...

It truly is a beautiful place. All I can see when I look at it is the subjugation of the local tribe started by the Spanish. The Americans did a pretty fair job of it in their time, also.

Thanks for a wonderful photo essay of a beautiful place. Sorry about the attitude that I bring to it.

you always selected doing very beautiful historical place for travelling. The Stone Gate'
looks to very pretty and attractivc.excellent good shots of your photography.really your knowledge power creativity very best.i hope that you enjoy your travel of nice place.very super sir..@velimir

i read your post daily because you always use an easy language that i can understand and you have a flow of attraction in your writing.

With the name of stone gate i remember my collage gate which is famous with the name of love gate:) because many lovers met on that gate of collage.

This is definitely an interesting place. Faith plays a huge role in people's lives. Thanks to faith, great feats were made (but unfortunately thanks to faith there were also massive wars, such as the Crusades).
If you look from the point of view of science, you can recall the placebo effect. A person is given a pill (an empty tablet) and tells him that she is a real tablet. Using these pills a person is healed. Healed only because he believes that these pills are able to help him.
In your city, there is the cathedral (the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Saint Stephen and Vladislav). This place deserves attention

What a neat place. It looks very old. Is this a fraternity or a church? Either one , would charge for everything. lol Just saying. It's all about the money for everything anymore. I am grateful these kind of places still exist. I learn something every morning from you @velimir. I enjoy your blogs while I am having my coffee. Thanks for making my day

Nice to meet you, Velimir! Loved your line: "Power of faith can make ordinary things look like miracles." It certaintly does! Thanks for sharing your life experiences :) Best of luck hunting for new adventures! Looking forward. Followed :)

Impressive photography of many very historical place like the stone gate, thanks for your sharing to us informative and valuable post, i like it and have upvote and resteem your post to more than 1560 my follower in order to make more people know your post, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia, good luck @velimir

It's true that power of faith can make ordinary things look like miracles

Building seems to be anarchic but you betterly presented it...

Nice and excellent photography thank you

Amazing photography of historical places.I love the stone gate photography.
Looks like you enjoyed alot in this travel :)

excellent photography.I think travel is a main part of life.

Hola @velimir
Que bien, tengo entendido que la Ciudad de la Altura (Zagreb) se encuentra entre dos colinas y se respira paz y tranquilidad.
Cuando se pasa por la puerta de Piedra, la persona se puede sentir libre, encender la vela y orar por la salud, la felicidad, la buena suerte y el amor.
Estupendas fotografía.

Did you reaching around the world by travelling alone?

I am a fan of every trip you make, thank you for allowing us to travel with you through your photographic record and your blogs.

Wow!! I love ur work on the images... @velimir It's so graphic.

Please do well to read my post on alcoholism and it's negative effect on my blog @andymany01

Beautiful Photography.
I like this travel.

I was not sure you were going to mention the elitist fraternity...
Still no teta Zagorka? Oh, common! :D

These kind of places touch my heart and makes me eye watering because these remembered my some old memories. And i want to thank God to keep me alive after that and keep running.

Thanks @velimir for such kind of good post.

Mr. velimir every day more exciting, I am a loyal fan, always there wherever and be🙋🙋.

Great post Velimir! I'm living in Zagreb for 2 years now and it's really awsome. A bit more sunny days would't mind, but hey, you can't get everything right?

It is interesting to see how similar places are repeated around the world where saints or people with an influence on religious faith venerate, faith moves mountains

very nice photography.
thanks for sharing this life..

Hi. In Venezuela, there are many sites that were created to enhance the actions of people when they were in this world. We have a place of prayer as is the temple of Mother Mary of San Jose. He was born in Choroni. She with temperament created many institutions to give attention to the underprivileged. It is one of many sites built to remember the actions of beings beatified by the Catholic Church

My city is the oldest city in my country and it has Six gates.

  1. Pak Gate
  2. Dehli Gate
  3. Dolat GAte
  4. Haram GAte
  5. Lohari GAte
  6. Bohar Gate

I will show all these to you oneday :p

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