Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Sunlight On The Edge of Darkness' (Part #247)

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'Sunlight On The Edge of Darkness'


Leaving all that sadness behind me, I continue my ride following this curvy road, that is yet to take me someplace worth remembering. The shadow of the hills makes sure that the air is chilly on the north side. Ride along Slovenian border, completely covered in razor wire, feels cold, unbecoming and unwelcoming.

But, the woods to my left look transparent and quite romantic in the winter conditions. No snow at the moment but that can change any day now. I like snow and all that comes along with it but I don't like to park the motorcycle in the garage and wait for the first rays of spring. Snow, the double-edged sword, we all love.

I wonder what is in that hole? My imagination sees an entrance to the rich dwarf underworld or at least a foxes den while the Slovenian border police probably closely monitor the dangerous spot because 283 immigrants might be hiding in there, waiting to cut their precious wired fence and enter the most-sought European kingdom of heaven, Slovenia.

Ah, finally the hills end and I exit the hill's shadow. The sun feels warm and the sheer look of its light paints a completely new feeling. It is interesting how little we really need, sometimes only seeing the sun can be overwhelming.

The road takes me close to a house. People are burning wood for heating and the sunlit smoke adds an additional touch to the whole place. I park, just to watch the scene and dwell on the thought of being alive and able to ride.

Enjoy your day. :-)

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Its like no man's land, LOL

The soul of the explorer is the reason for the moving vitality in our reality for you to movement down the streets. Regardless of whether you're a performance explorer, a cyclist, a driver or a person on foot, you'll be en route. The objective of the undertaking isn't the exit plan. are the excellent stories that the street will present to him. You get these stories exceptionally decent! Regardless of where you go, you can associate with neighborhood individuals. you are limiting! I like the stories you pass on to your ideal photos.

The second photograph of which we see "exposed" trees and the red earth underneath them - looks stunning. She truly can assert the most sentimental picture from Velimir. The photograph is commanded by 3 hues, however 2 of them are in consummate amicability. The cool blue shading from above - goes to the dim focus and changes warm prevailing red shading from underneath.

Exceptionally lovely territory, numerous slopes and level streets. Well and as dependably the splendid sun on your way soputsvuet lifting of inclination.

Have a good day

When you lose someone or something that is very beneficial to you, the sadness you experience can be very profound. Sadness, bitter memories, and unanswered questions can continue to haunt you.

Maybe you have not felt like you can never go back like before-never can laugh or feel whole again. Believe in yourself - there is no way of grieving without feeling sad, there is a way of overcoming constructive sorrow that can help you to move forward. Do not endure an unhappy life-try to overcome your loss and, later on, you will feel better.

Thaks you...

It's a co consolidating post - great pictures, such a lovely curve in the road that you managed to capture, and a tale of an old fashioned scene of people cutting woods in order to prodoce firewoods. That's lovely!

It might serve to remind us all that even when there are bad things in this world- that we should notice and fight - there are also other, pleasant things that can brighten our days. We shouldn't be negative - we should be positive and hopefull and use our powers to fight evil in our own way - it might not be much, but we do what we can, aren't we? Just like we look at the road curve in the picture and know there is a straight, easier way.

Thanks for the post and pictures!

You are lucky man , Camera , motorcycle and wonderful nature on Winter wow
Enjooy @velimir

The spirit of the traveler is the cause of the moving energy in our world for you to travel down the roads. Whether you're a solo traveler, a cyclist, a motorist or a pedestrian, you'll be on your way. The goal of the expedition is not the way out. are the beautiful stories that the road will present to him. You catch these stories very nice! No matter where you go, you are able to socialize with local people. you are localizing! I like the stories you convey to your perfect photographs.
congratulations :)

Hey, @Velimir sir I hope you are fine and doing great,
your posts always inspired me.
I have heard from somewhere that over life is combination of sadness and happiness, more precisely 90 percent sadness, and 10 percent sadness, but when you are sad, totally sad and then a little happiness can make you forget that sadness, This early Sunshine erases the darkness of night, same a little happiness remove sadness from your life.

Hi @velimir
The second photo of which we see "bare" trees and the red earth beneath them - looks amazing. She really can claim the most romantic picture from Velimir. The photo is dominated by 3 colors, but 2 of them are in perfect harmony. The cool blue color from above - goes to the gray center and changes warm dominant red color from below.
Very beautiful terrain, many hills and flat roads. Well and as always the bright sun on your way soputsvuet lifting of mood.
Good day

I'm glad you left the wire behind. Maybe the Dwarf crew will clear it out...

Some days the very best thing is being alive and able to ride. Some very good days.

Thank you.

Thats a Great Motorcicle Travel @velimir make me live that moment in my motorcycle.
If only i can ride with you and prove you my hiden talent.

good job friend
happy to work because success can be achieved by trying

this is a excellent post with quality images my friend, I am green for more.
I have followed your story since the day i came on here.
I think you have drove far

people become more connected to nature when they use motorcycle as a means of transportation. By using motorcycle the scenic views is being highlighted while travelling..

Nice post

you are taking very characteristic pictures. They all have an identity.

I do enjoy reading your blog, and the contents are quite interesting to say nothing of it being absolutely calming. The pictures too are not too bad to look at.

The connection to place, to the land, the wind, the sun, stars, the moon... it sounds romantic, but it's true - the visceral experience of motion, of moving through time on some amazing machine - a few cars touch on it, but not too many compared to motorcycles. I always felt that any motorcycle journey was special.

I do enjoy reading your blog, and the contents are quite interesting to say nothing of it being absolutely calming. The pictures too are not too bad to look at.

You did a great friend, keep it up

I spend time mainly as uber driver on the street. Am I driving a motorcycle someday on the road?
Great pictures and stories!

Poetic, seemingly simple yet its a set of very deep thoughts. I used to ride, similar thoughts would come to me. Riding frees up the mind in a way that driving a car does not. Great post....keep the thoughts coming!

Thanks great job, it not easy traveling, moving from one place to another is enlightenment, keep on the good work all your content is valid, primary source is reliable.

nice @velimir
i like a motocircle

so one more motor cycle travel blog, awesome as always, those views are stunning !

@velimir.I like the first photo of the road being curvy and the texture of the tree too as they look in snow times.

You have done a cool job giving us these photo-speaks in your motorcyles travels.I wish I could do this someday.

Lest I forget,the last photos with the flash of sunlight is very cool and heavenly.

Wow nature at its best thank you sharing your discoveries am happy

this place is hard to find

Do not remember the past if you want to hepi, think of our situation today and the future what will happen to us.@velimir

hello friend Great publication, you have a new follower, I invite you to go through my blog greetings.

Love this winter picture story. It adds a little creativity meditation break to my day of boring office work.
Why do people want to escape to Slovenia? What makes it better?

I can’t wait for summer so I can go out and ride again!

I dont know anything about this artical, but i love all the photo of this artical😍😍
And plz follw and vote my post

Such stories never let the little dreams we have die without coming true. @velimir
From where I come- girls riding a bike is considered a taboo. Although we do have women like Zenith Irfan- The Motor Cycle Girl to keep us girl motivated but, we still have a long way to go. Ah. Sometimes I wish I had countless lives to quench my thirst for adventure . Great pictures. tho

Thanks for sharing this beautiful travel with us, i really like it, the way you describe the sunshine,
how old was that hole? do you have any idea sir?

Historique road in the border, the post is pleasing to read, reminded me of thesence" after darkness there is a sunny place with shining faces"

[email protected] I really love your articles. Thanks alot. They are so educative.

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