Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Ponies' (Part #258)

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On my way to the suggested coffee place, I run across a small herd of ponies. At first, they're unsure of what to think of me and the iron beast revving strange noise. As I turn off the engine, they continue to eat the frozen grass. I approach slowly. It seems that they are free to roam the property as they like and fend for themselves.

There is something in horse's eyes. I can almost see what he's thinking. Did you ever notice how seldom they turn their head to look at you with the other eye? I pet this fellow. He is not afraid. He could surely use a stable and a pair of loving hands to clean him up. Hopefully, they are not just left like this through the winter.

I was once bitten by a pony. I was twelve and trying to saddle up. As I raised my arms, the mare used her opportunity to pinch me to the left side of my body. That did hurt. There was no blood but a blue circle stayed for weeks. Apparently, it was a peaceful animal. No idea what did I do wrong but I probably deserved it for some reason or another. The pony's hoes look good.

Let' whisper to them. Horses love to hear nice soothing frequencies. It probably makes them feel loved and cared for or rather eases them up. Could be both. Well, who doesn't like to be whispered to ear in a loving voice, anyway? :D

I hope owners have a stable and will put them inside, when temperatures go even lower. I didn't find one but the property is huge. That guy I've met probably knows but he's already gone after his affairs. It's just me, my bike and the ponies. Feels really good to be among them.

Enjoy your day! :-)

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You're absolutely right. The picture you captured shows that its eye is just about the same size and shape of the human eye. That's probably why I felt a "connection" while looking at it too! You have to be very keen on photography to notice and capture that moment. Great work!

What I know Horses have better memories of humans, how to think like us, and often people make mistakes because they think so.

Horses are game animals. Most of the natural reactions are suicide unless he is comfortable with the situation he faces. worried, he becomes nervous and ready to run away.

He has a strong herd instinct; he is happy and feels safest to be with other horses. Horses and humans can develop strong bonds of loyalty - their need for safety and comfort in the people they trust. Horses feel most comfortable when humans they like like dominant swarms (horse bosses) without being overly aggressive or alive.

As a living animal in a group, horses can be old or ruled. Instinctively he fits a more dominant individual, so this is the role the horse must take when handling horses. Extreme ways in horse racing are forced and bribery.

Coercion can make aggressive horses become angry, always fighters, or coward horses become increasingly afraid. Steam will quickly damage the horse; he soon learns that he (not you) is in control. The most effective method of interconnection is between the two, with the horseman taking on a strict leadership role in harmony with the peculiar abilities and horse traits.

Our fancy horses (personal riders) would get pretty dirty during times of the winter, waiting for decent weather to clean them up. The working horses were in a pasture, they were on their own until spring.

I'm going to guess that any horse (or pony) that has hooves in that good of shape is not neglected. They look sorta fat and sassy, too.

I've been bitten, kicked and stomped by ponies. Delightful childhood memories, good for another time.

Thanks for another wonderful part of the journey.

We have a petting zoo that travels around during the summer here and the kids love the ponies. It turned into “Daddy, can we go to horseback riding camp?”. Just started working my way through your series. I’m not much for riding motorcycles. Enjoy the look of them but no desire to ride yet. I do however love to travel and I’m enjoying the stories and pictures.


Well, now that you started to play guitar, a chopper would go along with it just fine :D :P

Pretty nice meeting ponies just hanging around munching grass all by themselves, it's not something I experienced - I lived in a village when I was young but there are only 2 horses at there and they weren't accessible - riding ponies is somthing I heared of mainly as therapy method for ADHD children and I wasn't one.
I thought the hooves are good looking and imply the horses are well kept and bigtom's comment reassured that assumption so I'm happy that some animals are well cared for with all the cruelty animals ex0erience in our world.

The last picture is a really good one, with the shiny - woody appearance of the hoof - you must have bent pretty much to the ground for that one 😊

Ponies look peaceful. Many children just love ponies. In the summer in the park, I often see how children roll on ponies. I think that the content of ponies for such purposes is a profitable business.
Originally ponies were bred for towing trolleys in coal mines during the industrial revolution. Apparently they have great traction. So do not underestimate them. This is the case when the size does not matter :)
I hope you had a good day

We hold a petting zoo that travels around during the summer at this point and the kids affection the ponies. It curved into “Daddy, tin we pass on to horseback riding camp?”. honest happening effective my method through your series. I’m not to a great extent for riding motorcycles. have the come across of them but no appeal to pester yet. I solve conversely ardor to take a trip and I’m enjoying the stories and pictures.

horses are often encountered in the area of ​​many grasses, horses are very unique and powerful animals. horses are also in the past very often used by people to be used as a means of transportation, but over time people just keep the horse as a unique pet. horse you post is very interesting and beautiful. thank you for your post. hopefully i can see your post always

I wanted to be a pony owner when I was young.
but I will look at them, there is not a farm or a garden :)
I think they are so funny, cute and funny yes!
I love sharing. it should be interesting to be among the ponies: D

They must be wondering how is this photographer holding that thing (camera) with his front legs. "Really impossible for us to do that".

Really nice blog! I´m new to steemit and I´m doing a travel blog as well, thank you for your work!
I´m trying to get in touch with other members of the community to get to know everything I have to.
Have a look at my blog if you want to allthough I just started :)

Wow! They are beautiful,
You again found something interesting to post,
Let me enhance your knowledge about horse

  • House can sleep both standing and laying :p
  • Domestic horse can live up to 25 years
  • They have 205 bones, one less than human's :p
  • in 19th Century there was a horse who live 62 years, his name was Old Billy

Pony horse is a beautiful show, especially for those who have a beautiful horse. I would love to have it but I think the price is very expensive.
Very beautiful horse, I want to have it someday.
Thank a lot @velimir

Awwwww sorry about the bite, at 12 years old, that must hurt like hell. Well I guess it's an experience, at least you are jisting us of it. As usual your stories are very engrossing and Your pictures are beautiful to look at.

They are so cute! I absoluetly love ponies and horses. They are so loving animals.

Horse is very beautiful. Many people go to marry on horseback in our country. That is very nice to me. . However, I always like your travel series. The horses were very nice and they were looking at your eyes. . :D @velimir

Interesting story.
Photos are also more then good . i love to ride horse but city side i never experience it.
May you do more traveling . with joy and healthy time

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Your post very good,,

Nice post thank you.

Thanks so much for the article. Nice photography. Have really got the passsion for photography.

another nice post your every post is so this post the horses are very cute

So wonderful photography sir.👌☺

Hello @velimir. Nice post but you didn't tell us exactly where you are now on your adventure from Denmark to South Africa. Thanks. I wish you the best and accident free adventure. Cheers!

good morning, super cute ponies, sometimes we would like to know what animals think about us

I've never seen any ponies before. Thank you for posting it here in Steemit!

nice horses

that looks like some real horsepower.

A really wonderful horse has a great affair I love riding
Really great article made a good choice

lol I read instead of 'Ponies 'Penis at first confused me than i looked at the title again.

i love your all post, and wait forit,,travel make a man refresh..
thanks for share it...

GREETINGS from the Venezuelan Sports Car Club. Concurrent team of the International Automobile Federation (FIA)

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