Motorcycle travel series by @velimir 'Park-forest Golubinjak 6' (Part #118)

in travel •  2 years ago

This place continues to surprise me with every following step. The rock bent the tree, and the tree grew at an unusual shape. This must have been happening since the tree was very young. As an old Croatian saying goes: "a young tree may be bent", meaning that only young people's beliefs are easy to model. The rock continued to push and now we cannot be sure if it is the tree holding the rock or it is the rock pushing the tree. Probably both.

This one appears as if growing straight from the rock. The love of wood and rock in its full form.

Unavoidable moss. There is something about the moss that I love but not sure what it is. A sensation when touched or the vibrant colour, maybe even the scent of the forest somehow connected with the moss in my mind.

The forest is mesmerizing. I enjoy my walk thinking about the old tales of good wood-fairies that protect the forests and the ones travelling through it.

An unexpected flower!

Enjoy your day! :)

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The flowers look wonderful, so surprising to find them in such a shaded environment.


That's what my first thought was!!! And it is exactly why I took the photo. You've got a brilliant mind!

the greenary of this place is very much pleasant to eyes


Do you live in the city? People who live near to foret think that green nature is overrated. For them is everyday thing. They want to live in the city.


i have been in village for long.. but now in city.. city life is full of facilities... but there is no peace , fresh air, good environment, helpful people... nothing as good as village.. city life is outside gold.. but villages are inner gold


hahaha yes! but it very much depends on where you live. an ordinary village is not really beautiful nature. ;)


yes, very true. it is the most beautiful nature's colour


I like your post... Beautiful...


Thank you very much!

That tree is amazing. How tall it was?

Thank you for sharing

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Very nice place. I like it

followed you as you are doing something similar as I am doing!
I can learn something from you. Do you use filters on your pictures? They look really bright to me.

Your post amazing posts