Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'No Plans' (Part #233)

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'No Plans'


I'm riding through small towns and villages. The smell of winter is in the air. We were quite lucky this far but it feels that the snow is inevitably coming. It's ok, it should snow. It brings the time for staying inside and relaxing, for reflecting on the past year and making plans for the spring. If one likes to make plans... Some people live more while they making plans than "executing" them later on.

Some things, I plan. A grocery list for example. Others I wouldn't dream of planning. There are events which should be left alone to unveil for themselves, without meddling. It is often for the best. This principle especially applies to the future events, when lacking parameters. One cannot solve a mathematic equation with too many unknown factors. This is the most modern house in this village.

I also like travelling without plans. General direction is just fine. Whatever happens is good. Some of my travels would've never happened, had I planned every single detail ahead. I'd never meet interesting people along the way, nor would I stop to talk to them. I would also never find captivating places that I've never been to before.

Some days, it's just nature, some just the road, but this is exactly how it should be. I believe that the grand consciousness, that we are all subject too, knows far better what's good for us than what we make ourselves believe it might be. This is, most likely, the poorest house around.

The best way to go is to passionately observe as grace lets the road slowly unfold before out grateful eyes. Savour every moment because they are not coming back. Everything happens only once. What an interesting thought. Every moment is unique and we are to decide whether to observe each with joy or side with the sadness. That part is entirely up to us...

Enjoy your day! :-)

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Beautiful bike. Safe travels

I would love to do this.. but not on a motorbike but in an RV and am looking at doing it I hope in 3 years... travel around Australia.. Fulltime and documenting it all to share online .. cool dream..

That's cool ezimedia, I am doing 3 weeks to the middle of Australia this year. I will be posting and vlogging on the trip :)

Great post! I usually plan a trip down to the minute and end up being late for hours! Haha. I really appreciate that idea of having only a 'general direction' planned while traveling. It takes off a huge amount of stress!

Nice to see your post again. 😍

I am running out of time to meet my goal of 150 votes, vote for me, I will vote for you, I will always love you.

My best riding buddy is a GPS guru who just loves planning routes. On high mileage days he is the best thing happening. On other days I get to lead and we go where the front wheel takes us. I have a GPS on my bike that's biggest use is "Nearest Gas Station" and "Home" for when I am helplessly lost.

"A general direction" is my preferred way to travel. I am oh so glad that it is yours, too.


hahaha I got one buddy just like that. :)

Hi @Velimir I definitely think it is important to have your motorcycle checked out before the unknowing trip to cut down on the possibility of any difficulties on the road. A roadside assistance program is a great idea just in case, there are many to choose from. I always love asking locals where the best place to see or eat or what there is to do, a lot of places have friendly people willing to help. And your photography gives life to you travel...... this is your another great Travel Series by '"No Plans'" (Part #233.....
thanks for sharing!
Safe Riding N keep smile always :)

Thank you for your upvote :)

Hi @velimir
You are right, many people are planning a lot of things. But everything can not be foreseen, sometimes it is better to act on circumstances. Solve problems as they arrive.
Is this an ordinary Croatian village? Not bad, it looks very well maintained and modern. At least those associations that arise in my head at the word "village" are not compatible with cleanliness and well-groomed.
A nice place:)
As one very interesting person said, the best events in our life happen when we do not plan them :)
Good day:)

The side view of the house on the second picture looks very similar to the house design of a popular bank here.

I'd love a house near a hill or on top of it. Looks like a type of neighbourhood one may want to retire to.

the best action on steemit with perfect delivery. I love your post, great photography.

One alternative that we can take to achieve the best in our lives is to make life planning, as our effort to find the best for self titipan of the divine. There are many benefits that we can learn from our life planning process, I try to describe some of my thoughts. The experiences that I have felt for the good effects of life planning.

Living the life of a free spirit :)

I am reading your post first time. love your post. thanks for sharing.

Lovely post, your photography are always lovely. I wish I can ride a bike, if only you could t

A free person will see most in his life!

@Velimir, I love what you do!!!!!!!!!! 💜💜💜💜I have this similar theory that 'unplanned events are usually the best' 😁

travelling thru motorcycle is the best!

i love my motorcycle. and its freeedom. its like u said, travelling without a plan and i love this feeling. nice post and keep it up man ! :D

you are nice photographer .all the best @velimir

you are right there..unplanned trips some are the best sometimes..hope you have enjoyed it

I'm definitely on your journey! I love it, keep them coming... soon

Hello there @Velimir
I unquestionably think it is critical to have your cruiser looked at before the accidental excursion to eliminate the likelihood of any troubles out and about. A roadside help program is an extraordinary thought to be safe, there are numerous to look over. I truly wished to be in your condition.. Taking a vehicle and go out at whatever point I need and drive some place my heart brings me.. Feeling the freedom completely in my lungs. One elective that we can take to accomplish the best in our lives is to make life arranging, as our push to locate the best for self titipan of the celestial. There are numerous advantages that we can gain from our life arranging process, I attempt to portray some of my considerations. The encounters that I have felt for the great impacts of life arranging. Meeting with green in villages..leaving my everything issues behind.. I think this is the genuine living. I generally adore asking local people where the best place to see or eat or what there is to do, a ton of spots have well disposed individuals willing to help. What's more, your photography offers life to you travel...... this is your another awesome Travel Series by '"No Plans'" (Part #233.....

much obliged for sharing!

Safe Riding N keep grin dependably :)

i love Motorcycle Travel Series

This is the first time i came about such things. ....i was really surprised
U r a very informative guy. I have also upvoted u..
Stay blessed. And help me back

I really wished to be in your condition.. Taking a vehicle and go out whenever I want and drive somewhere my heart brings me.. Feeling the independence fully in my lungs. Meeting with green in villages..leaving my all problems behind.. I think this is the real life..

These pictures and a bit low in quality but i like the views anyways, and be careful with the motorcycle, getting hurt isn't fun ok.

Nice post

Nothing like the freedom of riding a motorcycle.


wow !!! nice photography

Very nice photografy...

Splendid photos, especially that house in the village.
Could you check out my photos and upvote it if you like them. Thanks in advance!

Travelling without plans can bring you in some fascinating and weird places forgotten by the world, and these landscapes looks like the strange region of Italy where I live, that is Molise. Good Trip!

A free person will see most in his life!

Motorcycle traveling is bit a risk but who cares enjoy your motorcycle travelig

yah dont think that kind of power was made for two wheels , give me a scooter then maybe we go all long way down o it

I did not know that by traveling motorcycle excellent bro.

Vote beck ya pliss

Nice bike just like the ghost rider.... I enjoy your post.

I love the view from the hills, alot of fresh air! Love it.

would love to visit these awesome places with my wife, she loves it

One alternative that we can take to achieve the best in our lives is to make life planning, as our effort to find the best for self titipan of the divine. There are many benefits that we can learn from our life planning process, I try to describe some of my thoughts. The experiences that I have felt for the good effects of life planning. Amazing, ilike that

That's a very good post. I really like to read it. Lots of knowledge contained therein. Thank you for giving me a very valuable lesson.

Successful greeting is always for you.

Breathtaking images

Beautiful photos! i like the architecture of the 2nd pic :) i wish you have a great journey :)

I love motorcycle travel

I love travels would be showing you photos of my travel soon. The anticipation of seeing wonderful environment is really awesome.

Happy ride! Veli

i prefer cycling to motor cycle riding.....however,be happy in this ride

One of my best friends is the host of a travel series here in Thailand the show is called Ride With Me. they go to beautiful and hidden places all around the country. It is Thai but you can see some of the beautiful places they go. You might enjoy. Have a look.

Anyway. Great job. Keep up the great work.

journey sometimes becomes happiness in our life. often travel so much experience in getting

Wow.....amazing this photography......i like this traveling...i wait your next post............

I really enjoyed this. I tend to do a whole bunch of research, mark a whole ton of places on my google maps and then hit the road. I like the combination as I can sail from dot to dot on the map with no plan and stay longer when I love somewhere.

That's how I roll on my bike too, just ride and the direction finds itself till I am ready to ride home... The other night I missed dinner :o

Enjoy your travel I wish you all the best and keep it up.Motorcycle Travel is great.You captured amazing photo can you.I also love travel.

An adventure with a plan often becomes a journey. But, a journey without a plan is always an adventure. “Everything happens only once”, and never was a truer statement written.

Ride safe and smile …. Geoff

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